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Hairstylist encourages ‘silent appointments’ for individuals wanting to avoid small talk

A video shared by the empathetic hairstylist encourages individuals with anxiety to ask for 'silent appointments' from their salon.

Hairstylist encourages ‘silent appointments’ for individuals wanting to avoid small talk
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @thebaileylavender

Many individuals with anxiety face a lot of pressure when it comes to making small talk, reports National Social Anxiety Centre. Therefore, it is important that such individuals have the opportunity to choose a situation where they feel comfortable interacting with others. Hairstylist @thebaileylavender is striving to provide that opportunity to people with anxiety through her services. In a video shared on TikTok, she explained that people with anxiety are within their rights to demand an appointment which is formulated in accordance to their requirements and comforts.

Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @thebaileylavender
Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @thebaileylavender

The video which has since gone viral has the hairstylist initially portraying a client asking for a silent appointment. After this comes the reply from Bailey: "I will love you either way." This implies that the hairstylist would have no issues, and the client is welcome no matter what her preference of setting might be while getting the service. The video ends with "It will be okay". This is a message for all people with anxiety that even though the situation might seem dire at the moment one step at a time towards a peaceful environment will make it all worth it in the end.

Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @thebaileylavender
Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @thebaileylavender

The video showcased that it is normal to ask for some time for themselves if they are going through issues and do not need to invest themselves in small talk. It is not necessary to indulge in societal niceties if it interferes with an individual's peace. Ultimately it is important to be an advocate for yourself and if something is not right with the situation, speak out about it and get yourself out of that state.

In the video, Bailey is encouraging "Silent appointments". This phenomenon is rising in recent years, especially after the pandemic. Many individuals want to make use of such an appointment to complete their work while some prefer this way because it helps them to manage their anxiety while in a foreign environment. @erinmbooher reiterated Bailey's message and supported the growing trend of "silent appointments". Her video was made to reassure clients that the demand is not weird and if they prefer to not talk while getting their hair done for the sake of their mental peace, it is perfectly understandable. 

Furthermore, in the video, she gave tips to the client on how they can reduce anxiety and stress during their hair appointments. The video explains the whole process of silent appointments, in which individuals enter the salon and have to ask for such a setup if they have not already booked. There is a discussion regarding the kind of work the client wants to have done and after that, they have the freedom to sit in silence or be on their phones.

Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @emelynnholyoke
Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @emelynnholyoke

The comment section was filled with support for the step taken by Bailey in highlighting the need for "silent appointments" in the case of people suffering from anxiety. @skvb89 shared her own positive experience of finding a hairdresser that understands her needs and commented: "My most recent hairdresser picked up my vibe and for this, she’s my hairdresser forever. No pressure to make small talk and it was amazing." @oklahoma_prosecutor agreed that avoiding small talk is a huge way in which anxiety can be reduced during salon appointments and wrote, "I would pay double to go to a salon where this was an actual option."

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