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Hairdresser's kindness helps dementia patient find happiness in the final moments of her life

The husband decided to thank the hairdresser in a heartfelt and emotional letter.

Hairdresser's kindness helps dementia patient find happiness in the final moments of her life
Image Source: Reddit/bella3774

We often take little things for granted in our everyday life. However, for some people, these little moments mean the whole world. A woman suffering from Dementia went for a haircut that proved to be the best last moments she had in her life. Her husband wrote a letter to their amazing hairdresser, thanking her for the incredible and sensitive way she treated her wife. The letter was posted by u/bella3774 on Reddit and it making everyone tear up.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit



The letter addressed to Sara is dated July 27, 2020. The man writes, "This is a little bit awkward. But I've waited a really long time to pass this on to you. My wife and I came in for haircuts shortly before Christmas of last year." He went on to reveal that his wife was suffering from dementia and this hairdresser treated her like she had experience with people with dementia. He added, "You let us sit next to each other, and when it came time for her cut you turned her chair towards me so I could watch her expression as you cut her hair."

The haircut turned out to be absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, his wife died in March 2020, however, "that haircut was one of the last, best moments of her life." The husband further wrote, "She felt so pretty. She visited the mirror in her bathroom several times during the day and would come out beaming. To see her so happy was priceless." Moreover, the man suggests that Sara must have done dozens of haircuts that day but this one "revitalized a woman's sense of self and her singular beauty." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit



He signed off the letter by saying, "I hope you always realize the power of your profession. It's so easy to take things like that for granted. Sincerely, A grateful customer." This beautiful letter is enough to make you cry as the hairdresser's kindness and this man's gratitude let us believe that good people exist in the world. 

Unsurprisingly, the letter went viral on Reddit with 190k upvotes and thousands of comments. A user, NJGGoodies12, wrote, "We often don’t notice the impact we have on one another in the moment, what a beautiful letter." Another user, AshleyGil, added, "People are always so quick to Tell a person or business the negative experience they had, but leave out the positive when that could really change someone's day or come at a time when they've been questioning themselves or feeling down."


User anitabelle commented, "Dementia is a horrible horrible disease. I bet this experience made both husband and wife very happy. My dad has it and he doesn’t get out much because it’s a pain to explain to people that he has dementia and that’s why he’s acting weird." They added, "Being a caretaker for someone with dementia is one of the hardest things ever so positive experiences tend to stick out. Good on him for sharing his experience with the hairstylist!"

This beautiful letter will make you tear up and realize that being kind to people can have a profound effect and can allow them to hold on to hope in the most trying times.



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