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Guys hold 'funeral' for their friend who spent too much time with his girlfriend: 'RIP Keiran'

Keiran Cable thought he was going to the pub with his friends to watch the Rugby World Cup, but he attended his own 'funeral.'

Guys hold 'funeral' for their friend who spent too much time with his girlfriend: 'RIP Keiran'
Image source: Facebook/Keiran cable

There's nothing quite like being in love and wanting to spend every waking moment with your partner. Keiran Cable certainly felt that way and spend all his time with his new girlfriend. Cable's friends hadn't seen him for a long time and he stopped coming out nights out with them, so they decided to host a 'funeral' for him. They certainly went all out, but actually arranging for a coffin, a funeral car, and even had one of the boys dress up as a vicar. Keiran Cable turned up at his own 'funeral' on the assumption that he was going on a rare night out to the pub with his friends to watch the Rugby World Cup, reported Wales Online.


"It was so hard to keep it a secret," said Ben Sullivan, a friend of Cable. “Keiran had been in a relationship for a few months and it felt like he had died because none of us had seen him since then and he wasn’t replying to any of our group texts or mails." Sullivan said the idea originated after they were all at a pub and joked about saying RIP Keiran. "We decided if he wasn’t going to come out with us and was going to pretend he was dead then we’d organize a funeral for him."



Kieran took it in the right spirit and had a good laugh about it. “As soon as I walked into the pub I was met by about 50 boys all suited up and cheering," he said. “I was in complete shock and didn’t know what to do or say. My cheeks were aching from smiling so much. The boys made a massive effort and it was definitely a day to remember.”


The group of Rhondda football boys, roughly 50 of them, surprised him. From singing football hymns, handing out orders of service leaflets, a vicar, and the coffin, the funeral met the traditional requirements. “He had no idea what was going on," said Sullivan. They also had among them a carpenter which meant Cable's coffin was taken care of. Another friend Daniel Bundock filled in as the 'vicar' at the funeral and even gave a moving speech that included a verse from the Old Testament. Another friend penned a song to celebrate Keiran’s memory, to the tune of the Kaiser Chiefs song Ruby.

They drove the funeral car with the coffin from pub to pub followed by the procession, which caused the roads to be shut. They printed out 50 service leaflets that read: "Thoughts are with friends of Keiran at this dark time. However, they shouldn’t grieve for him but wish him luck as he continues on in his next life. Keiran has had a tough 18 months trying to keep his friendship with his friends alive but sadly the wait is now over and has floated up to the gates of heaven."


 "What hurts the most is that we were starved of precious time to say our last goodbyes after his relationship status was changed from ‘Single’ to ‘in a Relationship,’ continued the leaflet. “It is now time for us to finally say our last goodbyes by raising a glass for our friend Keiran.” They all certainly had a good laugh and created a memory forever.

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