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This guy has beef with these nine businesses and he explains why in hilarious fashion

As consumers we are constantly reviewing our experiences in terms of shopping, food and other things, which helps us narrow down our choices to the ones we like.

This guy has beef with these nine businesses and he explains why in hilarious fashion
Image source: Twitter/itszaeok Left: A closed sign is seen in the doorway of the Bath and Body Works store at Country Club Plaza (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Twitter user Zae was at his wit's end as he tried to help his aunt get her internet service transferred over from one location to another 15 minutes down the road. He managed to get it done but only after it took him a total of "6 hours on the phone with reps, two visits to the local store, and me crying twice, like, it was so insane.” Zae channeled his anger into writing about brands he had a beef with and it's resonating with so many people. We've all had days when a business, customer care services, an employee or poor service has us pulling our hair out. We choose and narrow the brands we like to interact with on the basis of our experience with them. Zae is a part-time public relations student and a content creator with more than 113,000 followers. He spoke to Bored Panda and revealed that he likes to tweet about his favorite TV shows, music artists and pop culture. He saw a spike in followers as many liked his “commentary on the Black Lives Matter movement and how businesses, celebrities, and political figures were responding to it.” Zae's take on brands went viral, garnering more than 111,000 likes. 






















This was by far the most popular take in the thread with 40,000 likes. While Zae may have added his own twist to the tweets, he recalled the waiters not believing him that he saw rats. He felt the waiters gaslit him. “Chili’s definitely had a defense campaign going," said Zae. "Perhaps I should have viewed the rat fight I saw as part of the charm of Chili’s. I can’t lie, I was kinda enjoying the food before the rodent royale ensued.”











 Zae didn't elaborate on what happened during his choir trip but who can blame him for having beef with the D.C. police department for firing dogs that like getting pet and also detaining those who pet the cute dogs. Zae was surprised after the thread went viral but he felt validated that his opinions on the brands were shared by so many other people. "This one was a little different because it was all of stories / personal experiences of mine so it was really validating to see people agree with me! I was like ‘oh okay, so these companies DO suck, it’s not just me!?’” he said.

The thread resonated with so many other people as well. "I’ve worked at Autozone before and they make a ridiculous amount of money, they charge super high for stuff you can get online for half the price, don’t waste your money," wrote one person after Zae said they felt like a "money laundering front." One person claiming to be a former employee at Autozone said much has changed. "See I had a crew back when I worked at Autozone and we were all car guys, we all worked on cars ourselves, actually gave a shit, and our customers were always happy. Been back to the same Autozone 3 years later, and my God what a sh*tshow. Nobody knows anything," they wrote. Some urged Zae to expand his net. "This whole thing had me cracking up but I’m truly surprised there are no insurance companies or banks on here," they commented.

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