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Guy flies to France to surprise girlfriend only to find out she flew to England to surprise him

Both couldn't help but chuckle after realizing they were at Edinburgh Airport at the same time but going in different directions.

Guy flies to France to surprise girlfriend only to find out she flew to England to surprise him
Cover Image source: Twitter/@SalmaSaade

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 4, 2022. It has since been updated.

In a scene that could be straight out of a rom-com, a woman flew to surprise her boyfriend in England only to discover that he had flown to Paris on the same day to surprise her. That's one grand romantic gesture that just didn't land properly. The incident happened over five years ago but is still one of the sweetest things on the internet. Celebrating the failed plan's fourth anniversary, Twitter user @SalmaSaade shared the text exchanges with her boyfriend Finlay and the subsequent reactions that still get us after all these years. You couldn't have scripted it if you tried.




"Happy 4 year anniversary to when I flew to Edinburgh to surprise Finlay and he flew to Paris to surprise me and this is why we don’t do surprises anymore," wrote @SalmaSaade, before sharing hilarious reactions to the surprise. After Salma landed in Edinburgh to surprise Finlay, she messaged his roommate to check if he was at the flat and that's when she learned he had flown to Paris. "Lmao," wrote his roommate Adam. "He just flew to Paris. Like to do the same thing. Like Literally." A stunned Salma replied, "No, he didn't." Adam said, "Ya he did." She asked him if he was kidding and he said no. While the star-crossed lovers may have not met each other on that day, Twitter decided that they were meant to be together for life. Finlay said, "Turns out we were in Edinburgh Airport at the same time going in opposite directions." People were in awe of their display of love for each other and many called for someone to make a movie out of it. Some users called it a perfect expression of love. "This is a lot of pressure to not break up," joked @SalmaSaade. It kind of is, to be fair.   

Two jet planes. - stock photo/Getty Images


After finding himself alone in Paris, he posted on Facebook: "Anyone in Paris? I flew to surprise Salma but she flew back to surprise me and now I've got 12 hours to kill." One person commented, "You two are clearly soulmates," while another wrote, "Your love is killing the planet." Some made the connection to various instances in pop culture. "Just like the time my girlfriend bought a nice new chain for my pocket watch that I sold to buy a nice beret for her hair that she sold to buy me the watch chain," wrote one person, referring to "The Gift of the Magi," a short story by O. Henry.

Some said it reminded them of an episode of 'Friends'. "Hilarious btw anyone else reminded of that episode of Friends where Ross flew to London to fight for Emily while she flew back to New York to tell him she loved him?" wrote one user. Another user referred to 'New Girl'. "I thought of the 'New Girl' episode where Jess decides to follow Ryan to London but he decides he wants to spend the holiday with her so he flies back to Los Angeles to surprise her," they wrote







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