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Guy emails Hinge match’s grandma to ask for her permission and her response is everything

She gave him permission to date her granddaughter but listed a set of conditions. She also invited him to her cousin David’s bar mitzvah.

Guy emails Hinge match’s grandma to ask for her permission and her response is everything
Image source: Twitter/ZmacZane

Dating in today's world is no easy task. You often end up with more bad experiences than good ones. Then there are days when you'll have one hell of a story to tell, and maybe a relationship. Twitter user Zane certainly had a story to tell and people can't get enough of it. Zane had matched with a girl, Micaela, on the dating app, Hinge. However, the girl had a weird request on her Hinge profile. She said the best way to get a date with her was to seek her grandmother's permission. Zane dusted off his hands and got straight to work. He got her blessings in a rather wholesome conversation with her grandmother. Zane shared the conversation on Twitter and it has been shared more than 10,000 times and liked by 286,000 people. 





After matching with Micaela, he first asked for her grandma’s email address and also enquired what would be the best time to reach her. “Is it best to email her during business hours with a resume or after?” asked Zane. Micaela responded by telling him that it was best to send her an email during business hours. He informed her that he had sent the mail and was waiting for her response. Zane waited patiently and then Carly Jenican, the Hinge match's grandma, replied via email. The email was so wholesome that Zane figured he'd at least make a friend if things didn't work out between him and the girl. 






“Hello ZaNe,” she wrote, randomly capitalizing letters. “While you seem like a nice Gentleman, you cannot take my special granddaughter away from me to Italy. Also, I dated a man from Pennsylvania back in the 50s and now stay cleAr of that state.” The letter started out as a rejection but it wasn't. She gave him permission to date her granddaughter but only on certain conditions. “But, with all of this aside, make sure the Fettuccine Alfredo is gluTen free!” wrote her grandma. “You have my blessing and better make sure this date is as fun as her cousin David’s Bar Mitzvah coming up in May.”





Looks like Zane got more than he bargained for, and even if things didn't work out with Micaela, he could always take Carly to David’s bar mitzvah. He shared a second tweet, writing "[I]f this doesn’t work out, follow me and [I]’ll be accepting applications to email my grandma in my DMs.” People absolutely loved the exchange, with some even trying to decipher the randomly capitalized letters believing it to be code. "Okay but the fact that you actually went through all this effort to go on a date with this chick is so cute," wrote one person.







However, some things are too good to be true and that was the case with the adorable grandma. Zane figured out that there was no grandma and it was just her friend pretending to be her grandma. Twitter absolutely lost it, having been shocked to learn about the adorable grandma who turned out to be fictional. Zane shared the heartbreaking news writing, "I found out [her friend] was actually the one who wrote this email so, as disappointed as I am that it wasn’t Micaela’s grandma, she deserves all the credit for being a good friend and giving me a laugh. You’re grandma of the year in my book, Carly." He then joked, "So I’m going to return the outfit I had picked out for cousin David’s and go hide under a rock for a week."





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