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GrubHub gives $1,000 gift card to parents of 6-year-old child who went on a late-night shopping spree

The Stonehouse family was shocked when six-year-old Mason ordered food totaling $1000.

GrubHub gives $1,000 gift card to parents of 6-year-old child who went on a late-night shopping spree
Cover Image Source: YouTube/ Good Morning America

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 3, 2023. It has since been updated.

After a late-night spending spree left one family’s son with a hefty bill, GrubHub came to the rescue with a generous offer of $1,000 in gift cards. The Stonehouse family was surprised when multiple delivery drivers arrived at their Michigan home with bags of food from Leo's Coney Island, Happy's Pizza, and a local shawarma spot. Keith Stonehouse, the father of six-year-old Mason, said that "I looked at my phone and all of a sudden I see 'Grubhub, and in that same second all these cars and all these lights and the doorbells going off," Stonehouse told "GMA" in a Zoom interview. "They kept coming and they kept coming."

The orders included “giant orders of jumbo shrimp, five different orders, endless chili cheese fries, shawarma sandwiches, rice, grape leaves [and] endless ice cream.” Mason's eyes were clearly bigger than his stomach as the orders added up to a total of $1,000.



Stonehouse explained that he had received an alert about another order that had been flagged for potential fraud, with a total cost of $439 for the pizzas. He commented that this was on top of the thousand dollars worth of food that was already being delivered to his kitchen. Upon further inspection, he and his family realized that his son Mason had used the GrubHub app on his phone to place the orders. Stonehouse then went to talk to Mason about what he had done, and Mason asked if the pepperoni pizzas had arrived yet. The food was then shared with their neighbors and stored as leftovers. After learning about the large amount of money spent on the orders, GrubHub contacted Stonehouse and offered to send him a thousand dollars worth of Grubhub gift cards in order to make up for the unexpected expenses.


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