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Group of friends is spreading smiles among the service staff with a grand and kind gesture

A 'Thousand Dollars Breakfast Club' spreads kindness amongst the server community by giving them a surprise of a lifetime.

Group of friends is spreading smiles among the service staff with a grand and kind gesture
Cover Image Source: YouTube | TODAY

Being a server in modern-day America is draining both mentally and economically. They have to become recipients of horrible antics from their customers. Besides that, in many places, their income is still unregulated. The lack of standards for their wages makes them heavily dependent on tips. There has been a huge debate over the fairness of this burden on customers. In such trying times, "The Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club" has come as a beacon of light. This group travels to various restaurants in America and provides a hearty tip to the lucky waiter who gets the opportunity to serve them, per Inside Edition.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio

The group has more than 30 members who go into restaurants to change the life of a server. Richard Brooks, a member of the group, shared with the publication, "Everyone brings a hundred dollar bill and we tip our waiter or waitress at least a thousand dollars." The club was established in 2023 and has visited several restaurants and changed many destinies in a short span. Sori Kola was one of the waiters on whom this kindness was bestowed. She has been working as a server at My Diner for almost five years. The club came in and returned for her services, giving a $2050 tip.


"I'm very shocked. I did not expect it at all," an emotional Kola shared in her interview. "I never expected it. I'm so thankful, I'm so blessed." Since the news of the club has spread far and wide, it has received many offers of membership. But since they already have 30 members, they can no longer welcome new people. However, they do want the message of kindness to continue traveling all across the world. They encourage people to form their clubs and visit restaurants in their town to do a good deed.


"To give someone deserving money, especially during the holidays, I think is very gratifying," shared member Karoline Peralta. For folks like Kola, the club members were a godsend. She plans on using the money to complete many long-term pursuits. The waitress shared one of them with the publication. She shared that one of the biggest items on her list is getting a car and the money would be invested in that purchase. Richard's favorite one, as per his interview with TODAY was, "The server said with a big smile my mother has been trying to buy a hearing aid for months, so I am going to go home today and get her one."


Tipping has been a hot topic all across social media. Some people are tired of it and want restaurants to take responsibility for paying their servers fairly. Many waiters are increasingly getting disturbed and annoyed at the attitude meted out to them because of this "debate." Dean Redmond—who goes by @deanredmonds on TikTok—in his video, busted some popular misconceptions about tipping culture in America. He mentioned how the yelling some customers do is unwarranted as the waiters are not owners of the restaurants and the prompts in the credit card machines are not their fault.

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Contrary to the popular misconception, the go-to orders are difficult to make and warrant a tip. The server is making the food from scratch. It is way harder when they are serving regular tables as they are just passing down food from chef to customer. He ends by sharing his frustration regarding the attitude customers have towards servers. In his experience, people have no problem tipping other services, but when it comes to waiters, they have harsh words to say, which they don't deserve.


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