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Groom's 'Lizzie McGuire'-inspired wedding vows to his husband are an emotional rollercoaster

'My whole life, I was searching for my Lizzie McGuire, when really, I should have been searching for my Gordo,' the 33-year-old told his husband.

Groom's 'Lizzie McGuire'-inspired wedding vows to his husband are an emotional rollercoaster
Cover Image Source: TikTok/bowtieinchicago

Marco Braun and his husband Danny Chapman have found "what dreams are made of." Braun, an antique salesman from Chicago, went viral on social media over the weekend after sharing the "Lizzie McGuire"-inspired wedding vows he dedicated to Chapman at their wedding earlier this year. With more than 4.9 million views on TikTok, the emotional rollercoaster of a video had people laughing and crying at the same time and even reached the tween queen, Hilary Duff. "I've always wanted to marry Hilary Duff," Braun told PEOPLE. "I was obsessed and loved her like I think most young gay men in the early 2000s..."


"It was just an in-the-moment realization where I didn't anticipate my vows to be completely about Hilary Duff, but it just happened to be that way," he added. In the now-viral video from their April 16 wedding, Braun shared how he'd made an unexpected discovery about himself while working on his wedding vows. "This week, I was doing research on Hilary Duff's famed character, Lizzle McGuire in hopes to find some cute connection you two and in the end say, 'While Hilary Duff isn't here, I still have you.' BUT, that's when I made the shocking discovery that I am Lizzie McGuire," he told Chapman as their wedding guests erupted in laughter.


Braun then went on to list some similarities between himself and the Disney icon—a bit eccentric, wears one too many accessories, constantly getting into trouble—before revealing that like McGuire, he too had a Gordo in his life. "She had one constant by her side to help her find peace and happiness in life. Her slightly shorter, much more hairy, creative, level-headed, bad dad joke making, loving, Jewish, best friend, Gordo," he said. "Spoiler alert: they end up together in the end. My whole life, I was searching for my Lizzie McGuire, when really, I should have been searching for my Gordo."


"As her iconic chart-topping single 'What Dreams Are Made Of' says," Braun added, referencing the character's song from 2003's "The Lizzie McGuire Movie." "'I've got somewhere to belong, I've got somebody to love. This is what dreams are made of.'" The couple also walked down the aisle to the song after exchanging their "I do's." As for Chapman, he "wasn't that shocked" that Duff made a cameo in his husband's vows. "But the fact that he came to the realization that he himself was Lizzie McGuire was so much fun," he said.


"And we really wanted to fill our ceremony with a lot of love and laughter, and I just love that he was able to do that with his vows and just surrounded by everyone having a good time. So, it was perfect, and it's an honor to be [mentioned] in the same breath as Hilary. It really captured our love and relationship in such a smart way, but also a sentimental and true way," Chapman added. Duff herself shared the video of Braun's vows on her Instagram Story, writing: "Ughhh swoooon. Where was my invite?"


"She shared it and she also reached out personally. She's sending us a wedding gift," Braun revealed. "I keep saying to myself, 'If I told my younger self this was going to happen, I would never in a million years believe me.' It's just been so surreal. It truly has been the funniest, greatest wedding gift is just this reaction from everybody." Braun and Chapman's tied the knot at Salvage One in Chicago, a venue that also serves as an antique store. "Marco sells antiques, so it was perfect for us... We love a good tchotchke," Chapman shared. It was actually the second time exchanging vows for the couple, who began dating five years ago, as they'd already made it official with a smaller ceremony last year.

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"We had a small ceremony last year, and the video is from our larger ceremony [in April]. So, we've been married for quite some time, and it's going well," Braun revealed. He added that he and his husband are now gearing up for a winter honeymoon tour across Europe. "We're gonna do Christmas in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and experience all those great holiday markets and live our Lifetime Original Movie fantasy," Braun shared. As for whether they plan to recreate some of their favorite "Lizzie McGuire Movie" scenes in Italy, he said: "We have already lived our Italian Lizzie fantasy when we went to Rome a few years back."

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