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Grieving husband shares a cautionary tale about overworking in poignant post on late wife's LinkedIn

He accused the company of being apathetic after one of their employees passed away. 'Thank you for 'planting a tree in my wife's honor' after everything Terah had done for you,' he wrote.

Grieving husband shares a cautionary tale about overworking in poignant post on late wife's LinkedIn
Cover Image Source: LinkedIn | Terah Mauricio MBA

As the hustle culture demands more from professionals with each passing day, the concern of working-class people having zero work-life balance rises as well. Recently, a poignant post shared by a grieving husband on his late wife's LinkedIn profile drew people's attention to how companies and corporate houses hardly care about their employee's mental and physical well-being. TikTok content creator Morgan, who goes by @resumeofficial, shared further details about the LinkedIn post which shocked the netizens even further.

Image Source: LinkedIn | Terah Mauricio MBA
Image Source: LinkedIn | Terah Mauricio MBA

Morgan criticized the company's thoughtless and disrespectful behavior even after an employee had passed away. She shared a screenshot of Terah Mauricio's LinkedIn post made by her husband, where the man exposed the company Terah was working for as a payroll tax director. "This is hands down the most horrifying thing I've ever seen on LinkedIn and I wanted to post this to remind you guys that your employer does not care about you," Morgan says in her video which has over 50,000 views so far.

Image Source: TikTok | @resumeofficial
Image Source: TikTok | @resumeofficial

In the post, Terah's husband wrote how his 28-year-old wife passed away three months ago. But the post gets more bitter as we read ahead and get to know how the company handled Terah's demise so insensitively. "I hope that this serves as a cautionary tale to those of you who think that the company you spend too much time working for, and not enough time with the people you love, that when you die from overworking yourself for them, they respond very quickly to replace you," he warned.

Representative Image Source: Pexels cottonbro-studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels cottonbro-studio

He adds that the company was slow to give their employees the necessary resources, making it necessary for them to overwork themselves to death. But they were pretty quick when it came to finding a potential replacement for Terah without even bothering to check in with her family and deal with this situation in a meaningful way. "Thank you G&A partners, for 'planting a tree in my wife's honor' after everything Terah had done for you. I'm sure that will go very far in feeding and taking care of the family she left behind," the husband wrote, mocking his wife's former employers.

Image Source: TikTok | @resumeofficial
Image Source: TikTok | @resumeofficial

"I wonder how many millions in tax penalties my wife saved you from during her four years there. Also, thank you for contributing to her death expenses. Oh, wait! No, you didn't! You didn't even fully pay out the full month of rent you promised us that you would. But yeah, thank you for planting a tree in her honor," the LinkedIn post concluded. In her video, Morgan points out how the company's "about" section promises unrealistic standards from its employees.

"You guys will not believe what the company description still says," Morgan continues. "This company essentially hires a bunch of PR professionals and rents them out to companies that need them." In the description of the company on LinkedIn, the organization claimed that they love hiring people who never get sick or take vacation days. "I genuinely cannot fathom thinking this is something to brag about, so my condolences go out to this family and any family that this has happened to. This is disgusting," Morgan added.

"Don't give your life away to your job because they clearly are not ashamed to say they don't care," she concludes. HR strategist Rebecca Apostoli wrote underneath the LinkedIn post to offer her condolences in a comment that reads: "Wow - this is a masterclass in how not to handle the loss of a valuable team member. G&A's own promotional material boasts they offer contract talent who 'never gets sick, never takes vacations and never has a bad day.' Without knowing the exact details, I can definitely see how this might have had a role in working employees to burnout. A lesson for anyone wondering what happens when burnout is not addressed."

Morgan's TikTok viewers also fumed at how ridiculous the company's response to Terah's death was. @nyx1.5 sarcastically wrote: "Former manager, told every employee that your job will be posted before your obituary. Match the energy. Take care of yourself, 'cause they won't." @tinacole57 shared: "Unfortunately, my supervisor passed away at the age of 51 this past summer. Our company posted her position before her memorial service."

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@oddjuxtapositions remarked: "Always keep an arm’s length with your job. They may say all the right things but they won’t hesitate to drop you in a second." @t1ck1tyb00 added: "I don't care how quickly they replace the role. What matters is taking care of duty to the family and support for teammates who may be struggling." In an age when workplaces simply treat their employees as money-making machines, it is important for them to build a compassionate and non-toxic work environment to make employees feel understood and valued, both professionally and personally.

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