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Great-grandma meets newborn for the first time and cries tears of joy: 'Look who I have'

Despite the baby's grumpy mood, the great-grandmother is in disbelief and holds her with love and care.

Great-grandma meets newborn for the first time and cries tears of joy: 'Look who I have'
Cover Image Source: Facebook/ Robi Petrelli-kirby

Meeting their grandchildren for the first time is the most heartwarming experience for grandparents and great-grandparents. They are filled with adoration and love for the newest addition to their family. The indescribable joy of cradling the child in their arms for the very first time is truly beyond words. In one such heartwarming video posted on Facebook, a great-grandmother met her great-grandchild for the first time and she couldn't stop crying.

Image Source: Facebook/ Robi Petrelli-kirby
Image Source: Facebook | Robi Petrelli-Kirby

The adorable video was posted by Robi Petrelli-Kirby, the grandmother of the child. It is captioned, "Surprising my mom meeting her great-granddaughter in person for the first time." In the video, people can be seen entering the door, one by one, while the great-grandmom is sitting on a chair. First, her grandson comes in, and then her daughter, followed by others. She is surprised and says, "Oh my God, don't do this to me" and starts crying. Her grandson comes and hugs her. Meanwhile, the person who is recording tells her, "I don't have Jane look who I have," pointing at the young child.

Image Source: Facebook/ Robi Petrelli-kirby
Image Source: Facebook | Robi Petrelli-Kirby

Her daughter picks up the baby, shows it to her and says, "She just woke up, so she's grumpy." The great-grandmother puts her hand on the head and is in complete disbelief. She then holds the child for the first time and looks at her. The child begins to cry, so she hugs her, kisses her and tells her, "It's okay."

The video went viral with 615k views and about 50k likes. Many loved the moment between the great-grandma and the child. Leslie Gypsy Sunflower Fern-Havens commented, "That is so sweet. Her tears say it all." Ashley Strecker expressed, "That is all they want as they age, to be loved and needed. That woman was in pure bliss...I am so happy to see this excellent video." Prook Drews said, "I love to see older mothers cradle babies like they its 2nd nature. Motherhood never leaves."


Grandparents are the happiest when they know their children or grandchildren are having kids. Lucy —who goes by @lucygemmaogrady on TikTok—surprised her parents with the baby's ultrasound in a TikTok video. Her father was admitted to the hospital when she shared the news, but he had the sweetest reaction.

She gives her parents a bag at the beginning of the TikTok video. After a while, her parents cautiously open the bag and find the ultrasound of the baby in it. They took some time to understand what was happening, but once they realized it, they were overjoyed and can be seen crying. At the end of the video, the dad arrives at the hospital and met the baby with admiration in his eyes.

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@Ashleigh Schenke commented: "Wow! He fought for that baby, that baby kept him strong and going! What a blessing! People were surprised to see the dad healthier in the last part of the video. @Stephanie said: "I screamed that's him?!? What a wonderful ending." @laurenpollockWow remarked: "I thought that was a whole different person. That’s incredible."

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