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Grandson looks for his late grandmother on Google Maps every time he misses her

The grandmother was captured on camera by a passing Google car and her photo got saved in the Google Maps app.

Grandson looks for his late grandmother on Google Maps every time he misses her
TikTok | @retroridersg

A grandmother-grandson relationship is unique and they never shy away from showing their love for each other. However, once grandparents pass away, grandchildren have their own way of remembering them. Some visit their house or go through all their old pictures. But this one grandson on TikTok is leaving many emotional by sharing how he remembers his grandmother every Chinese new year. In a video shared by @retroridersg on TikTok, the grandson searches for her on Google Maps on the corner of 840 Hougang Central. She can be seen crossing the intersection and it feels like she is still there. The grandmother was captured on camera by a passing Google car and her photo got saved in the Google Maps app, according to In the Know by Yahoo

TikTok | @retroridersg
TikTok| @retroridersg


The video went viral with more than 108,000 views and it is captioned, "Every Chinese new year whenever I miss my late grandma, I would come to Google Maps and she will be there. Miss you grandma." 

Many on social media found the story heart-touching and could resonate with it. @tracedtogether commented, "♥️♥️♥️my aged dad who has dementia is also on google street view. That means so much to me and my fam." @shawn_excalibur commented, "miss my grandma whenever she sits in the living room, giving me sweets, waiting for me downstairs after school regardless rain or shine🥺" @rebeccaliewht commented, "I truly know how u feel, coz my late grandpa could be found on google images and maps too 🥺 and the pictures were all located at his favorite places." noname_xyz15 commented, "and you reminded me of my late mom...who was captured also on google!" 

TikTok | @retroridersg
TikTok| @retroridersg


Some even urged the grandson to save the screenshot of the Google Maps image in case Google updates its policy and replaces the image with a more recent one. He assured them that he already had a screenshot of his grandmother's picture.

In another story about a grandma-grandson relationship, a grandmother meets her grandson for the first time and she can not hold back her joy. The precious moment was captured on a TikTok video. She is seen entering the house and is stunned to see her grandchild lying on the sofa. She says, "Oh God, Oh my God" and then quickly goes to wash her hand. Aware of the importance of being hygienic around the baby, she washes her hand properly even before approaching the baby. Then she runs to him and excitedly says, "Oh God, Noah! Hiii!" Then she holds his hands and says, "Oh Noah! No cries. It's nanna." Meanwhile, the song, "Happiest Year" by Jaymes Young is playing in the background. The video was recorded by the elderly woman's daughter @courtneyjones._. It is captioned, "I’m not crying, you are😢 so wholesome." She explained in the comment why her mother was meeting the child for the first time. She wrote, "She couldn’t be there for the birth, then 5 weeks in NICU and we said no visitors for 2 weeks. So she waited just short of 2 months!" The video went viral with more than 14.9 million views.

TikTok | @retroridersg
TikTok| @retroridersg


Many on TikTok were emotional about the precious moment between the grandma and her grandson. @Corteneyleigh commented, "I’m sobbing😭😭 the fact the first thing she did was wash her hands and then she sat down and spoke to him instead of picking him straight up 🥺🥺" @itdedition0 commented, "The way she washed her hands and then didn’t rush to pick him up just shows so much respect 🥺🥰" 

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