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Grandparents get very emotional after girl reveals she tattooed their names in their handwriting

Agustina Wetzel asked her grandparents to sign on a paper before getting it tattooed on herself as a tribute.

Grandparents get very emotional after girl reveals she tattooed their names in their handwriting
Image source: Twitter/agustinawetzel

Editor's note: This article was originally published on June 17, 2022. It has since been updated.

A woman decided to get a tattoo of her grandparents' names and their reactions to it is one of the most wholesome things you'll come across. Agustina Wetzel, from Argentina, is very close to her grandparents, Marcos, 92, and Celoy, 89, and wanted to permanently honor their presence in her life. Not only did she have their names tattooed on her, but she got it done in their own handwriting. Her grandparents were overwhelmed and both fought back tears as she showed them the tribute. The heartfelt reaction of Wetzel's grandparents immediately went viral, garnering more than 2.1 million views and 150,000 likes. She shared the video on Twitter and captioned it: "I asked my grandparents to write their names for me 'for a practical project at the university' but in reality, they were to tattoo them on me, and I will keep their reaction forever." 



“I was going to make a drawing made by them but my sister and my parents had the idea of having my grandparents’ names written by themselves, I thought it was an excellent idea!” Wetzel told Bored Panda. She asked Marcos and Celoy to sign on a piece of paper under the pretext of needing it for college. After they signed on the paper, she took it to a tattoo artist and got it done just above her ankle. She then showed it to them. “Remember writing your names for me some time ago?” she asked them, before showing their names in their own handwriting tattooed on her leg. Both of them got very emotional. Her grandfather couldn't believe it and started crying. He asked to see it again and got very emotional, covering his eyes. She then asked him to stand up so she could give him a proper hug in an emotional moment. 




Wetzel is pleased with the tattoo and says she'd happily do it for her entire family. “My grandparents were the first people from my family I did this tattoo for, but I would do it to anyone I love without hesitation. My family is very important to me.” She admitted she was surprised by her grandparents' reaction. She didn't know it would mean that much to them, especially considering her grandfather isn't too keen on tattoos. "Whenever he sees a tattoo on me I say that it is temporary but when I told him that this one would last a lifetime, he was so thrilled!” she said. Wetzel said she views her grandparents as superheroes. “Grandparents always mark a before and after, they pamper us and teach us a lot since we are little kids. You are lucky if you got the chance to meet your grandparents. They are really amazing,” she said. After the video went viral, she posted another picture with her grandparents and wrote, "Really amazing the repercussion that the video had, thank you all for the nice words." 



Some shared their own memories with their grandparents. One person shared a video similar to that of Wetzel's and recalled how her grandmother reacted to a tattoo about her. "Their faces when you show them the tattoo destroyed me with love, I also have one for my grandmother with her lyrics," she wrote. Another person tattooed a phrase their grandfather liked.  "I did not get to ask my grandfather to write me something, but I found in his room a piece of paper that he had written with a phrase that he liked a lot. I tattooed it exactly as it is with his handwriting. I was moved by watching your video and I remembered mine with great affection," they wrote

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