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Grandpa with a wardrobe that opens up into a secret Narnia-themed library is making everyone envious

From outside, it looks like a simple wardrobe but inside it is a secret hideaway.

Grandpa with a wardrobe that opens up into a secret Narnia-themed library is making everyone envious
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Pubireels

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 27, 2022. It has since been updated.

Some of us love books and live in fantastical lands created by authors that almost seem real and magnificent. It helps us to step away from the cruel reality of the world and give ourselves a break to indulge in dreams and fantasies. However, one person has bought fantasy into reality by creating a beautiful fantastical library. It also has a mysterious element that will play a string for everyone who loves fantasy and mystery. 


An elderly man is seen in an Instagram video standing in front of a wardrobe. Although it appears normal from the outside, a room is immediately apparent as he opens the door. One can tell it's a library as soon as the person taking the video walks in. This beautiful library has a high ceiling, wooden lamination on walls, and old shelves and chairs making it look like a scene from an old English novel. Baleigh Skelton first posted the video after learning about her grandfather's hidden library. After making its way to Twitter, the video has received over 5 million views. People were astounded by the magnificent library. Many people remarked on how well the Narnia mythical world and a mysterious castle with hidden rooms blended together. It was posted on Twitter by Pariss Athena and has several comments by people mesmerized by this library. On Instagram, it was posted by Pubireels, where it has gathered 12 million views and over 700k likes.


An Instagram user commented, "Not gonna lie I would probably have studied waaaaay better in that room than where ever on the world." Another added, "This ain’t a library. Gramps has a secret mini-bar. He winning." A third user added, "10 yr old me would have been going nuts over this!!!! This is so freaking cool." 

Whether it is a secret library in a wardrobe or a public library open to everyone, these places always have a certain warmth and comfort for everyone. Recently, among the rising cost of living crisis in the UK, public libraries are now acting as "warm banks" for people who can't afford heat in cold weather. For the underprivileged people in their communities, many libraries already serve as de facto community centers. They are currently giving away free clothes, hot drinks or soups, hygiene products, and other stuff in anticipation of heightened demand in the winter. 



A "warm bank" is meant to be a pleasant, inviting environment that entices people to stay. The idea is to get people to come in for more standard amenities like free Wi-Fi, phone charging stations, or computer use before staying long enough to enjoy a complimentary hot beverage in a welcoming setting. One mother claims that in order to avoid the moisture and mold in their apartment, she brought her daughter to the Gainsborough Community Library, which gave away 30 free winter jackets last month. 

In anticipation of increasing demand this year, several libraries and nonprofit organizations started setting up these programs months ago. While libraries rely on donations and volunteers to build these places, they usually have to incur additional costs. However, they are determined to continue providing these services throughout the winter season.

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