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Grandpa melts hearts by updating his family photo display with grandson's post-transition picture

'He also writes notes with my name all over the house so that my grandma with Alzheimer's is reminded for when she forgets,' the 20-year-old shared.

Grandpa melts hearts by updating his family photo display with grandson's post-transition picture
Cover Image Source: TikTok/nicolascazorlaaa

Editor's note: This article was originally published on July 29, 2022. It has since been updated.

Heartwarming footage of a grandfather updating his family photos to feature his grandson's post-transition picture touching people with the wholesomeness of the gesture. Nicolás Cazorla Fernández, who goes by @nicolascazorlaaa on TikTok, gained attention on the platform when he shared a sweet moment he had with his "abuelo" (Spanish for "grandfather"). His grandfather asked for his new photograph to swap out a framed pre-transition photo of the TikTok user in a graduation cap. The clip—which has been viewed more than 1.2 million times—shows the 20-year-old's grandad beaming as he switched the old photo of Nicolás out with a new one.


Nicolás—who attended college in Charleston, South Carolina—was reportedly visiting his family in Spain when his Abuelo asked him for a new photograph to update the old one in his home. "My grandpa wanted to change my pre-transition picture," reads the text in the video, in which the adorable senior was seen smiling while removing the back of a picture frame. He then replaced his grandson's pre-transition photo with one of the young trans man posing in front of a lake wearing a white shirt and green pants. "Grandpa of the year award," the text overlay at the end of the video reads. Nicolás also praised his grandfather in the caption, writing: "He is the only one who has never messed up."



Speaking to Newsweek, Nicolás explained that he started sharing his transition journey on TikTok while undergoing gender affirmation surgery. "A video of me acting dumb in the hospital with my dad went viral and I realized that a lot of people in the trans community wanted to see more about what surgery entails. So I continued to post and every video I posted started blowing up," he said.



"I posted this one specifically because a lot of trans youth are scared about what their family members will think or do when they come out," Nicolás said about the clip of his grandfather. "I was certainly worried about that too. I posted the video to show that it isn't a generational issue—that being old isn't an excuse to be unsupportive of family you are supposed to love." He revealed that his family—especially his grandfather—has been very supportive of his transition journey right from the beginning. "It's reasonable that people mess up your pronouns or accidentally dead name you when you come out but he didn't have any issue. He has never flinched once," Nicolás shared.


The TikTok user revealed that he "was shook" and "smiled like an idiot" when his grandfather asked him for a new photograph to display alongside those of his other grandchildren. "As an older person, he is setting an example for the rest of the world. It means a lot to me," Nicolás said. "Not only is he doing that, but he also writes notes with my name all over the house so that my grandma with Alzheimer's is reminded when she forgets. They are both so supportive and I am very lucky to have them both in my life." 

Nicolás' video practically melted the internet's collective heart, with nearly a thousand TikTok users flooding the post with comments applauding them and their grandfather. "The smile on his face says everything! So happy for you," wrote one while another commented: "We love Abuelo, absolute legend." Many noted how the clip demonstrates how being old doesn't necessarily impact one's "willingness" to support a trans person. "Just proves that it’s not about what generation you’re from, it’s about a willingness to understand and keep loving," one TikTok user commented.

Speaking to The Independent about the response to his video, Nicolás said: "A lot of older people tend to use their age and generation they grew up in as an excuse to be transphobic and dead name others. I wanted to show my generation that while the norm is that older people are unsupportive, we need to give them a chance to teach and educate them as well... I believe that schools need to not only use gender-neutral language in the classroom but teach kids that being trans isn't a choice. That trans youth is real and they need gender-affirming help. I hope to continue to use my platform to ensure kids that they are being seen."

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