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Grandpa builds grandson with autism an enchanting 'safety bed' to help him sleep well

The small custom room emulates the interior of Pooh Bear’s home and helps calm him.

Grandpa builds grandson with autism an enchanting 'safety bed' to help him sleep well
Cover Image Source: Reddit

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 21, 2022. It has since been updated.

A doting and incredibly skilled grandpa is making sure his grandchild sleeps well at night. He set up a special bedroom for his grandson—who has autism. u/libertyordeaaathh shared a video on Reddit giving viewers a tour of his cool creation. "Some kids with autism and other conditions need a safety bed to keep them safe and contained," he wrote. Keeping this in mind, he created a small yet magical space that featured a "Winnie the Pooh" theme.

On the outside, a board on the door says "Mr. Sanders" with paintings of Eeyore the donkey and Tigger the tiger to greet you. Once you open the front door it leads you to a blue-lit room inside. Although it's small it's so well designed with murals on the wall showcasing the inside of Pooh Bear's home. Every little element comes to life in this custom-built space. You can't miss the pot of honey on the kitchen table (Pooh's favorite of course!).

A painted window also looks out to a grassy landscape. The bed can be pulled out from the space using a strap as it is on wheels. What's even cooler is that the elderly gentleman consulted with the local fire department who offered advice on what to do in case of an emergency. He installed multiple fire detection systems, CO2 monitoring and alarms as well as temperate monitoring and cameras. All the materials used have been treated for flame resistance as well. Now that's a safe bed, indeed!

Cover Image Source: Reddit
Cover Image Source: Reddit

Other Reddit users were in awe of the grandpa's labor of love. "Your grandson may not currently have the capacity to fully process your efforts, but I do hope he'll eventually show his gratitude to you for this beautiful thing you made for him," one Reddit user wrote.

Another added, "I am 39 and was diagnosed when I was around 12, I wanna say. I'd have to look up the specific year. I have a room that is sort of similar to that now, although I didn't intend for it to be about autism. I always just liked my small, quiet rooms and dark spaces. Mine is about 8'x10', and it uses a frosted sliding glass door, but it's mostly filled with a queen-sized bed. I imagine that if I'd been given that measure of compassion as a child, I'd be happier now. Thank you for your contribution to the future." 

For those asking what the purpose of a safety bed is, u/ialwaysplayhealer explained: "Main one is wandering - some autistic children (or other disabilities) will wander out of the house, and obviously for a young child this can be very dangerous. A lot of people have to do things like put bars on windows but a safety bed is considered a more humane method - this one example is WAY better than some I've seen which are way too small. It can also help if children are prone to flailing or seizures - it protects them from falling off the bed or hitting their limbs on hard surfaces. Also can work as a sensory-safe space. This one in particular I can see being a great sensory space since it is enclosed (a lot of safety beds are mesh covering)."


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