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Grandpa says his biggest achievement in life is his relationship with Grandma and it's so adorable

It's so stirring to witness pure emotion from a man who passionately loves his wife.

Grandpa says his biggest achievement in life is his relationship with Grandma and it's so adorable
Cover Image Source: Reddit/wooden_slug

Seniors who have held onto love in their relationship really know how to cherish it. This man clearly knows that and is trying to transfer that wisdom to his granddaughter. He calls his relationship his best build ever. The video starts with the text overlay saying "Grandpa spent a lot of time building things over the years. Carpentry was one of his hobbies. I asked what he was most proud of building."


The granddaughter curiously asks her grandpa, who is sitting at the table, "What's the thing that you liked building the most? Was there anything?" The senior just respond almost instinctively with the most beautiful response ever, "A good relationship," he says, before blushing and saying, "Anything for the sweetie pie," referring to his wife. His granddaughter is amazed at this response and asks him just to be sure, "You're most proud of building your relationship with Grandma? Is that what you just said?" Grandpa, fully smiling and blushing by now, agrees and says, "Yeah!" It's so emotional to witness pure emotion from a man who loves his wife so deeply. The granddaughter is amazed at the adorable response and says she hopes to find a man like him someday. Probably to cut through all the emotion, grandpa cracks a joke and says sarcastically, "Oh Jeeesh! Not likely." She says, "You're too good to be true," and we agree.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

The video, posted 2 days ago already has over 3.9k upvotes and many people sharing it. Reddit users loved the video, with many saying it made them extremely emotional. A user commented, "This broke me, love it." Another user commented, "I gave this video an award I almost choked up when he said that." Reddit users were appreciative of seniors and the advice that they can give. "G-d damn old man and wise words! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ," a user commented. Another user commented, agreeing with them, "Some old people have some extremely wise things to say when you find a good one. When I was young and still learning about women I went to a chat room for older people to get advice. We talked for a while but I only remember one thing that was said. 'Foreplay is when you take out the trash without being asked.'" Another user shared, "His answers were so spontaneous.. oh gosh! Man knows some sh*t! No doubt." A user commented, appreciating the usage of sarcasm by the old man toward the end of the video, "Slaying his granddaughter with that 'not likely' 🀣" 

A similar love between two seniors was captured on a video that went viral recently. When Elaine and Morty Graff married in 1957, they never had their first dance. They'd had a recent loss in the family in the run-up to the wedding, which meant no music or dancing at the ceremony, according to Jewish custom. Elaine and Morty Graff never had their first dance as a result. But, nearly 65 years later, their grandson graciously donated the dance floor at his wedding to his grandparents, allowing them to have the first dance they had wished for all those years ago. It was a difficult time for the couple and their family. β€œAs little dancing as I do, I wanted to dance with my bride,” said Morty, while Elaine joked, β€œMorty isn't a dancer, to begin with, so,” Elaine told Inside Edition. Elaine and Morty were unaware of the dance until their grandson, Zachary Graff, surprised them on the big day. The magnificent gesture from their grandson and his bride stunned and moved the elderly couple. Everyone in the room began applauding and cheering for the old couple.

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