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Grandmothers find out that they have a new grandchild on the way and their reaction is priceless

Their adorable reaction was caught on camera before being shared online by the baby's mother.

Grandmothers find out that they have a new grandchild on the way and their reaction is priceless
Image Source: TikTok/@Howsable

Being a grandmother is a beautiful role to play for anyone whose children choose to have kids. It is an extremely fulfilling and exciting time that everyone looks forward to in old age. The reaction of these two women upon learning that their daughter was pregnant reflected just how excited they are. In May 2019, 36-year-old Lina Siciliano chose to tell her mother, Serafina, and her mother-in-law, Connie, that she was expecting her first child. TODAY reported that, at the time, Lina was nine weeks along. 

Image Source: TikTok/@Howsable
Image Source: TikTok/@Howsable


Siciliano claims she anticipated the mothers' reactions would be priceless because both she and her husband are the youngest in their families. She said, "It was their babies having babies." Siciliano made the decision to record the surprise on her phone in order to save that priceless moment. She said, "I definitely thought that they would get up and maybe hug me and my husband and congratulate us. But their reaction was overwhelming to the point where I was shocked. I felt like I was the one being surprised!" 

The grandparents are seen in the video accepting framed images of the ultrasound while seated on a couch in the living room. The moment Siciliano's mother-in-law, Connie, recognizes what she is seeing, the pair exclaim in excitement, warming the hearts of their kids and everyone on the internet in the process. Connie says in the video with an expression of shock on her face, "Are you f****** kidding? Are you kidding? She’s pregnant!" The grandmothers then shout and yell, while falling back on the couch and throwing their arms in the air. Then they embrace before Connie pauses to inquire, "How many?" 

Image Source: TikTok/@Howsable
Image Source: TikTok/@Howsable


Siciliano replies, "It’s very early. I’m only, I’m going to be 9 weeks." The grandparents welcome the family's new birth by giving each other hugs and kisses as they burst into another wild round of screams. Siciliano added, "The best thing is they're not acting. It's so organic and hysterical." She posted the video on TikTok, and the post has already gathered 500k views. Siciliano said, "My favorite thing is just the reactions of everyone viewing it. It is totally relatable but also...oh my god." She said that the grandmothers are well aware of all the love they are receiving online.

Siciliano is now the mother to 18-month-old Enzo and 3-year-old Christian. When Christian was delivered, Serafina and Connie were both present in the delivery room. Siciliano said, "I wanted them in the room because we're just very close. I lost my dad a couple [of] years ago, and my husband lost his dad a couple [of] years ago. They're just part of our family." Since then, according to Siciliano, both grandparents are involved in their grandchildren's life, and Connie even declined a job offer so that she'd have more time to take care of her grandchildren. Siciliano said, "Connie watches Christian two days a week, then my mom actually comes over religiously—I'm not even kidding you, she's not missed a day since Christian was born—every single weekend." 


Siciliano and her husband even made the offer to enroll Christian in childcare at one point. The reply from Connie was "absolutely not." She said, "Every time my son, Christian, leaves Connie's house he has a new toy, new snacks, new whatever. Every time my mom comes over on the weekend, she has a bag full of a million things." Siciliano says it has been lovely to see her mother and mother-in-law take care of her sons, despite the drawback of her house being a "mess," since the grandmothers let their grandkids do "anything that they want." 

Siciliano said, "Both of our moms don't have their husbands, they don't have anybody at home, so being able to spend time with the family, especially their grandkids, is a fulfillment. It's beautiful. It's adorable. And it's the best when we ask them to watch the boys together because they entertain each other while having their grandkids." 

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