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Grandmother has the sweetest reaction to finding out her child is expecting triplets: 'The best day'

Not one, not two but three babies to welcome and this grandma couldn't hold the joy! 'This is the best day of my whole life,' she proclaimed.

Grandmother has the sweetest reaction to finding out her child is expecting triplets: 'The best day'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@rashasho1989

Parenting is an adventurous bliss that one cannot explain as much as experience. The joy of finding out that you’re going to be a parent is one in a million. Often, we forget to look at what it’s like for a grandparent to know they’re going to have grandchildren and that their kids are going to become parents. The joy of seeing your child raising their child and knowing that you’re going to have another version of your offspring is magical. To relive those moments with a new aura is truly a blessing.

Image Source: TikTok/@rashasho1989
Image Source: TikTok/@rashasho1989

Dad-to-be Jordan Flom (@jordanflomofficial) took to TikTok to share his loved ones' reaction to the news that he and his partner are expecting triplets. One guest—presumably one of the soon-to-be-grandparents—had the sweetest reaction to the couple's special announcement.

The video begins with the couple and their family outdoors with a balloon for what looks like a gender reveal. The grandmother is visibly excited, gleaming with joy waiting for the moment of truth. However, before popping the balloon, Flom runs back to the house saying, “Wait, I did forget scissors,” and comes back with another surprise. 

Image Source: TikTok/@rashasho
Image Source: TikTok/@rashasho1989

He returns with another balloon representing baby number 2. As he comes walking by, the grandparent screams in delight and says, “Is this real?” She was beyond overjoyed at this revelation. She couldn’t contain her excitement on seeing the second balloon. She immediately springs around the place in disbelief. She exclaims, “This is the best day of my whole life.”

Everyone composes themselves after the excitement and grandma silently waits with a wide smile for the couple to pop the balloons.

Image Source: TikTok/@rashasho1989
Image Source: TikTok/@rashasho1989

Right as they begin their count of three, Flom asks, “Where’s Ally?” They all look around to find their loved one who was supposed to be right beside them at this important moment. The couple stop and look around with everyone else, calling out to her. A few seconds later, Ally comes holding the third balloon, indicating the couple was having triplets!

The family screams with joy as she comes over to them holding the balloon in her hand. Their grandmother is at a loss for words on this one. She grapples to comprehend what she sees. She struggles to express her joy but the event took her so much by surprise that she could only look around with a cheerful face of shock.

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On asking how this unusually beautiful thing happened, Flom explains, “They put it on your stomach and they go head, head, head. They went and called the doctor and it was spontaneous. He said, ‘This doesn't happen, go buy yourselves a lottery ticket.’”

It was indeed a wonderful moment for the couple but more for the grandparent. To know she’s going to have three mini versions of her child to help raise is a feeling that one can’t explain but can only experience. Being a parent and grandparent is truly thrilling. It brings authentic moments that you will always cherish.

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