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Grandma's favorite band serenades her at home after she is no longer able to attend their concerts

Her reaction upon hearing her band live in her own house is priceless.

Grandma's favorite band serenades her at home after she is no longer able to attend their concerts
Image Source" TikTok/Cosime and the Hot Coals

Music is timeless and it helps us connect to our inner beings irrespective of time and age. We all hold our favorite musicians close to our hearts and dream of meeting them someday. However, this 94-year-old wouldn't have even dreamed of meeting her favorite band this way.

Franca loves listening to her favorite group Cosimo and the Hot Coals. She used to attend their live shows but ultimately had to stop due to declining health. However, in order to let her have the experience of seeing them live, the group decided to stop by her house and perform occasionally. They made a beautiful video of the band singing and playing instruments in front of her bed.

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


The text inlay reads, "A 94 yo girl loves us so much. She'd like to attend our live shows but she is no longer able to." The video spans the room and shows all the members of the group happily performing for France. The text inlay says, "That's why sometimes we simply stop by to play a song for her and every single time her reaction is priceless."

Franca is the grandmother of one of the group members named Michele Capasso, who plays the drums. She loves seeing her grandson play and adores them all completely. The video was posted by the group on TikTok which has gathered 1.6 million views and counting and thousands of comments. Cosimo and the Hot Coals is a Milan-based band that plays Hot Jazz music. They perform in jazz clubs, swing dance events, and festivals in Italy and all around the world. The band aims to carry on its Italian heritage with great charm and fun. 



Many people said that this is exactly the purpose of music with one commenting, "This is why music was invented. when your smiling. what a wonderful choice for her. you filled her soul. ours as well." Another user added, "I live on a completely different continent but I would LOVE to see you guys one day!" A TikTok user commented on their video, "I'm not crying, you're crying," to which the band replied, "Well, not gonna lie…we were all about to cry at that moment!" Another user commented, "I had a glimpse of her as a girl. Just a flash of what her smile must have been, how she must have loved to dance."



The band also posted the second part of this video which shows Franca's heartfelt reaction. The band is singing "When you're smiling" and in the video, the woman is tapping her feet to the beats as she watches them lying on her bed. She is "truly amazed" and says, "Omg! you are amazing." When the beautiful performance ends she goes on to say that she is speechless and amazed. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I mean it," she adds. 

This emotional second part also became pretty popular on TikTok and one user commented, "You guys are angels and have a fan for life in me. Her little no no no." Another added, "It’s so wonderful that you do this for her. What a gift! And thanks for sharing with us too." 

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