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Grandma organizes unique summer camp and delights grandchildren by giving them a memorable vacation

The grandma, Narnie, hosts a special camp for her 11 grandkids with treats, trophies and unforgettable adventures and it is everything fun.

Grandma organizes unique summer camp and delights grandchildren by giving them a memorable vacation
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@vyckigaines

Grandparents often have an extraordinary bond with their grandchildren. It's a very unique relationship that allows kids to feel more nurtured. Most kids spend time with their grandparents during their summer vacation. With such vacations spanning months, it can be difficult for some grandparents to engage children and prevent them from feeling bored. TikTok user Vyctoria Gaines (@vyckigaines) shared the amazing story of her mother, Narnie, who is a grandmother to 11 children and takes up the challenge to give them a wonderful camp during summer vacation. Gaines' video is captioned, "So Blessed that mine and my sisters' children are able to experience this kind of love from our Mom. She kept all of her Grandbabies for the week and called it 'Narnie Camp.' She made a full schedule, menu, and awards for everyone. And kids had a blast!"

Image Source: TikTok/@vyckigaines
Image Source: TikTok/@vyckigaines


Narnie now has her own TikTok account, @narnieshouse. Ever since the video went viral, she decided to share more heartwarming moments of her family with the rest of the world. The popular video posted by Gaines begins with her focusing the camera on a chart paper that reads, "Welcome to Camp Narnie," with a text overlay that says, "POV: Your Mom keeps 10 of the grandchildren at the same time and has a whole awards ceremony." It then cuts to a food menu detailing what the kids would eat every day of the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu has everything, ranging from porks and sausages to fried rice and grilled chicken.

After this, we get to see the daily schedule at the camp, with the kid's day beginning at 8.30 AM in the morning and ending at 8:30 PM. Then we see a notice detailing activities kids can do outside and inside. Outdoor activities include the trampoline, pool, bouncy house, exercising, hiking, racing, and football. Inside activities include arts and crafts, electronic games and ping pong.

Image Source: TikTok/@vyckigaines
Image Source: TikTok/@vyckigaines


The video then showcases Narnie at the dinner table surrounded by grandkids and daughter, who are waiting for her to announce prizes. Narnie even goes to the extent of making the trophies herself. Everybody is excited as they receive their awards and examine the beautiful trophies that they got.

Users on the platform loved Narnie's efforts and showered her with compliments in the comments section. @womanemerge commented, "Best Grandma Ever, please give her an award. Most of the grandparents today don't even come to visit their grandchildren." @roesboatsandhoes hilariously shared, "As a kid that struggled due to a lack of schedule, I would've literally loved Narnie so much for this." @krob 8412 pointed out, "I'm crying; this is amazing! They will never forget this! Best grandma ever, hands down!" 

Narnie's grandkids are sure to remember these memories for many years to come. It's also vital for children to spend time with their grandparents as they might offer different perspectives to the child that aid them better in the future. In today's fast-paced world, grandparents are a source of comfort and stability. Their presence will be a constant reminder to grandchildren that the best moments are often the ones spent together, savoring the simplicity of shared time.

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