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Grandma has the most adorable reaction to meeting her grandchild for the first time

She had to wait two months before finally being able to meet her grandchild, who was casually lying on the sofa.

Grandma has the most adorable reaction to meeting her grandchild for the first time
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @Courtneyjones._

Grandparents always have a special place for their grandchildren in their hearts. So imagine how they will be when they meet their grandchild for the first time. One grandmother could not hold back her joy when she saw her grandchild for the first time, in a TikTok video. She is seen entering the house and is stunned to see her grandchild lying on the sofa. She says, "Oh God, Oh my God" and then quickly goes to wash her hand. Aware of the importance of being hygienic around the baby, she washes her properly before even approaching the baby. Then she runs to him and excitedly says, "Oh God, Noah! Hiii!" Then she holds his hands and says, "Oh Noah! No cries. It's nanna." Meanwhile, the song, "The Happiest Year" by Jaymes Young is playing in the background. 

The video was recorded by the elderly woman's daughter @courtneyjones._. It is captioned, "I’m not crying, you are😢 so wholesome." She explained in the comment why her mother was meeting the child for the first time. She wrote, "She couldn’t be there for the birth, then 5 weeks in NICU and we said no visitors for 2 weeks. So she waited just short of 2 months!" The video went viral with more than 14.9 million views.

TikTok | @courtneyjones._
TikTok| @courtneyjones._


Many on TikTok were emotional about the precious moment between the grandma and her grandson. @Corteneyleigh commented, "I’m sobbing😭😭 the fact the first thing she did was wash her hands and then she sat down and spoke to him instead of picking him straight up 🥺🥺" @itdedition0 commented, "The way she washed her hands and then didn’t rush to pick him up just shows so much respect 🥺🥰" @afkw.x commented, "The fact she ran to wash her hands first made me so happy🥺 go, nanna!! I’m praying that when I have bubs next month people are that considerate! 🥺" @lyd2022x wrote, "We are all sat here with tears in our eyes x knowing that was the happiest / proudest moment of her life xxx."

Grandmas can never say no to the wishes of their grandchildren. In another story, a grandma got her grandson the latest Playstation for Christmas and his reaction was priceless. TikTok user, abanks299, shared his reaction, which has more than 1.5 million views. The video begins with the boy unwrapping the big present and as soon as he realizes what's inside, he moves away to process it saying, "Oh my God!" repeatedly. He then proceeds to hug his grandma and say, "You are the best grandma in the whole world." She replies while hugging him with love, "Yes, I am and I know it." He then asks her why she got him such an expensive present, to which the grandma responds, "You are my grandson and I wanted you to have this for Christmas." 

TikTok | Courtneyjones._
TikTok| Courtneyjones._


Then the grandma asks him if he liked the gift and he replies, "I never thought I would ever have it." Many on Tiktok were in tears after watching this moment between a young boy and his grandmother. @tygasmommy commented, "When he asked her why that did it for me 😭❤️😂." @gonzalezzelaznog commented, "by far the most sincere reaction so's the way she put her hand on his head. 😭 priceless ❤️"

TikTok | @Courtneyjones._
TikTok | @Courtneyjones._

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