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Grandmother gets her feet stuck in grandson's sex toys after mistaking them for socks

The elderly women mistook the scrunched up looking pair of pink objects for socks and squeezed her feet into them.

Grandmother gets her feet stuck in grandson's sex toys after mistaking them for socks
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@analKABAO

A 21-year-old man in Japan had to have one of the most awkward conversations ever with his grandmother after she mistook a couple of his sex toys for a pair of socks. Yep, socks that she needed to warm up her poor old cold feet. You see where this is going. Well, unfortunately for twitter user @analKABAO, he didn't foresee the hilarious series of events that would follow his grandmother asking to borrow some socks from him. While the awkward case of miscommunication put this sweet little grandmother and her grandson in a tight spot, they did gain quite a bit of popularity online after he shared the incident on Twitter.



Since being shared on Twitter last year in July, the story about this grandmother's unique pair of "socks" has gone viral across social media platforms. It definitely helped that the user posted a few photos of the mistaken sex toys on his sweet old confused nana's feet and a video of him trying to help her get them off. According to Daily Mail, she'd thought the scrunched up looking pair of pink objects were thermal socks and so decided to put them on her feet to warm up.


In her defense, at first glance, the objects on her feet do look a lot like socks, albeit a bit too small for her. The man discovered the goof when he went to a bedroom and saw his grandmother sitting on a bed in her pajamas and the pink silicon casings. Apparently, the "socks" were a pair of fleshlights—a brand of artificial vagina or artificial anal opening sex toys. Since they are made of silicon, they have quite a bit of stretch to them, hence making it possible for the grandmother to squeeze her feet into them.



After discovering what she had done, the man knew he had to tell her the truth about the nature of the objects so that he could get them off. While we imagine that was quite an interesting conversation in itself, the extraction process took a bit of work from both grandma and grandson as the elderly woman's feet were lodged tightly inside the fleshlights. Finally, the man had to use every ounce of his strength to pull them off her feet while quite aware of the hilarious nature of the bizarre situation and laughing through the retrieval process.



Captioning the video he posted online, the man explained that he never thought he would be pulling his 'onahole' off his grandmother's feet. And although he managed to get the sex toys off his granny's feet in perfect condition, as you can imagine, they didn't exactly hold the same appeal to him anymore. He joked on Twitter that he was more than willing to donate them to someone else and that they were still a bit warm. The hilarious story has been retweeted over 71k times so far and liked by more than 217k Twitter users. 

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