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Grandma celebrates 90th birthday with epic princess-themed party

It was the woman's granddaughter who went the distance to make her grandma's birthday one to remember.

Grandma celebrates 90th birthday with epic princess-themed party
Image source: Facebook/Melissa Denny Photography

It's never too old to celebrate your birthday and this 90-year-old grandmother's birthday party is proof. It was her granddaughter, Stephanie Perkins, who arranged the whole party, including a pretty tutu for her grandmother, an elaborate photoshoot and not to mention, amazing food and cake. Perkins wanted to go the whole distance for her grandmother, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic had kept her family apart for so long. Due to her grandmother's age, she had to be protected more because of the virus. “My grandma is very special to me and during the pandemic and quarantine, we did not get to see much of her,” said Stephanie, reported Inspire More. “I knew her 90th birthday was coming and we wanted to do something special just for her. My family had been vaccinated, so we felt like it would be safe to celebrate together.”


Stephanie got her grandmother a t-shirt that read, “It took me 90 years to look this good.” To say, the 90-year-old woman was afforded the royal treatment wouldn't be such a stretch when you consider Stephanie got her a plastic crown and a throne to sit on, with balloons adding to the glitz. Stephanie got a cake and even had biscuits in the shape of her grandmother's face. She also got her grandmother a pink tutu that looked fabulous on her. 


“She knew it was happening, but I don’t think she truly knew what was going to happen when we got there,” said her daughter Debra. The highlight of the birthday party was without question the photoshoot that Stephanie had arranged. She was inspired by photoshoots of first birthdays and wedding shoots and wanted to do something similar for her grandmother. She contacted Melissa Denny, a photographer with who she'd gone to school with, and had covered similar shoots. Melissa Denny was just as excited to be part of the event. “When they asked if I would be interested in doing the photos, I was MORE than willing to do it,” said Denny. “What an amazing opportunity to spend time with a sweet, 90-year-old, wonderful lady, making memories and having fun celebrating her milestone birthday.”


Stephanie's grandmother had a blast and went along with everything they had planned including wearing a tutu for the day and posing for photos like a queen. It also meant the world to her, to have her family alongside her, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic that kept them apart. Her daughter, son-in-law, and two of her granddaughters were there to share the special day with her. “She was very happy to pose and do all the things we asked her. She was smiling and laughing the whole time,” said Stephanie. “We all had a lot of fun celebrating G-Ma.”


However, the birthday celebration didn't end there. The next day she organized a drive-thru party so she could see close friends and family members from a safe distance.“She is so important and special to each of us, and we all wanted to be there to see her shine on her special day,” said Stephanie. People absolutely loved the photos and the party. "How fun! Not only is she beautiful, but she’s having so much fun enjoying the moment. These are special memories!" wrote Elizabeth on Facebook. Michelle added, "Happy Birthday! Beautiful pictures, You look amazing in your outfit, love the smiles."  


You can check out Melissa Denny's amazing work on Facebook.


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