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A grandfather's wholesome response to his grandson's coming out is winning the internet

Many netizens agreed that this was how every family member should handle their loved one's coming out. 

A grandfather's wholesome response to his grandson's coming out is winning the internet
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@chipotletwink

A grandfather's incredibly supportive and thoughtful response to his grandson coming out as gay is taking the internet by storm. Earlier this week, a Twitter user named Travis shared screenshots of the wholesome message he received from his grandad after he came out to his family and the tweet has since gone viral with over 208k likes and 8k responses. While many shared stories of coming out to their own grandparents — some of which didn't go quite as well as it did for Travis — the overwhelming consensus was that this was how every family member should handle their loved one's coming out. 


"Well Travis, I guess you're saying you're "coming out." First of all, our suspicions of this began many years ago. It's not something easily hidden but it certainly wasn't for us to come forth and ask you," Travis's grandpa wrote in his text message, demonstrating how one should respect the boundaries of people they suspect might be queer. "Mom is right, we don't care, we love you, want you to be happy and wish you success and will support you with whatever you chose [sic] to do with your life," grandad continued, making it clear that Travis will always have their love and support no matter what.




He then goes on to acknowledge why his grandson might've been hesitant to come out. "I just don't want you to sell yourself short," he wrote in the message. "I'm truly sorry you were afraid to approach us on this subject, especially if it [caused] you anxiety & stress. I thought I told you several times in the past that you can talk freely with me about anything that concerns you. Even in 2021 though, this can be a tough path for people to follow. Being heterosexual is much easier as you don't face possible criticism and prejudice."




Travis's grandfather — possibly the sweetest grandad in the world — concluded his message by wholeheartedly accepting his grandson's boyfriend. "Enrique seems like a very nice guy and he'll be welcome here anytime. Love you," he concluded. Mirroring the sensitivity portrayed by Travis's grandad in the text message, Twitter users showered the tweet with overwhelmingly sweet responses. While many shared their own stories of coming out to family and friends or having loved ones come out to them, some expressed support for those who were shunned by their loved ones for coming out.



"My best friend came out to me at 49 years old, I was 52. I have known him our whole lives. It started with a phone call, 'I have to talk to you, you probably already know or suspect...' I told him it doesn't matter what I know, you need to come over," tweeted @bj19633. "And you need to say the words. We had a great talk. I was the first straight friend he came out too and I could see the immense relief when he got it off his chest. That was 5 years ago and we are still best friends." @lesborollacosta revealed that her grandfather was also supportive when she came out to him, writing: "My grandpa was my only family member I could come out to. He was a 'tough marine' but he told me that I should have never been afraid to tell him because I am perfect no matter what and he just wants me happy. Losing him destroyed me so much."







"Just wanna tell you that you should be very proud of yourself. And your grandfather's response is how every family member should treat the one they love for coming out. Also, you and your boyfriend seem like a lovely couple," tweeted @stefania615 while @MatthewOke6 wrote: "When I came out I never told my grandma, but she called me and started telling me about equal rights and how back in the day people couldn't have interracial marriage. She said God doesn't care who makes you happy Black, White, male or female and that her love is unconditional."

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