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Granddaughters adorably reenact TV shows in a big cardboard television made by grandparents

The girls' mom decided to leave them at their grandparents' house and everyone had a lot of fun coming up with creative pastimes.

Granddaughters adorably reenact TV shows in a big cardboard television made by grandparents
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @hazel_pleau

Being with involved grandparents can be super fun for many grandchildren. They invent the most amazing tricks to keep their grandkids entertained, which we can see in a video uploaded by Karalea Pleau-Pior–who goes by @karaleapior on Instagram. Karalea's parents decided to create a TV out of cardboard in their living room and have the grandkids become the characters inside the TV. The mom had left her kids at her parents' home and posted the video with the caption, "Such a fun and creative idea! Reminds me of my childhood - my parents were always making houses out of boxes or flipping the couches upside down to make our living room one massive fort, haha. Very grateful for them and their playful energy." 

Image Source: Instagram | @karaleapior
Image Source: Instagram | @karaleapior

The mom wrote that her parents watched two daughters the past weekend and developed this cute and creative idea. As the video begins, the grandfather starts working on the TV as the granddaughters watch. The person behind the camera asks, "What's Papa making Francheska?" and she replies, "A TV." Francheska or Frankie is seemingly the older grandkid. The kids watch and help with a lot of excitement. Frankie helps in making the remote control for the TV as well. The grandparents then sit down as if they're getting ready to watch a show with the cardboard remote control in their hands. They say, "Let's turn the TV on." As the TV is turned on, the kids appear in the square frame that is supposed to be the TV's frame and shout, "We are the movie kids!" The grandparents also pretend to adjust the volume by turning it up so the kids scream louder and eventually go lower because it gets "too loud."

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram | @karaleapior

The grandpa instructs the kids to play "Dora the Explorer" on YouTube, but the kids say they don't know about the show. The grandmother adds, "They don't have that show." People in the comments expressed that they feel quite old as children nowadays don't know who "Dora the Explorer" is. The kids say that they have "Wish." The grandpa then instructs them to go to Disney+ Wish. The older sibling immediately tells her sister Stevie that she will be "Valentino," a pet goat. 

Image Source: Instagram | @mansitrivediwho
Image Source: Instagram | @mansitrivediwho
Image Source: Instagram |
Image Source: Instagram |

Meanwhile, the older sibling starts singing, "Oh, isn't truth supposed to set you free? Oh, why do I feel so weighed down by it?" She continues, "I've already started running." The younger sister enthusiastically plays Valentino's part. Viewers loved the imaginary plays by the girls. @babybun40 commented, "My daughter drew her favorite episode of Bluey on a big piece of paper and hung it on her wall so she could 'watch tv' in her room. She proceeded to play house with her stuffed toys and watch her non-moving screen for the better part of the afternoon. Yay for imaginative play!" @susie.stobo wrote, "Your parents are the most amazing babysitters!! I just love how all of you encourage your girls to be creative and free. What a wonderful childhood!" 

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