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Gordon the Shiba Inu named World’s Cutest Rescue Dog of 2022 after getting a second chance at life

He met with a horrible accident but was given a second chance by a family in Arkansas.

Gordon the Shiba Inu named World’s Cutest Rescue Dog of 2022 after getting a second chance at life
Image Source: Instagram/gordons2ndchance

Rescue stories are absolutely heartwarming and it is beautiful to see animals living their best life. Gordon the Shibu has a similar story and he has accomplished a lot. in 11 years of his life, reports My Modern Met. He was in a terrible hit-and-run accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down in Taiwan. However, when he was adopted by Wendy Wickersham and Jim Larson, in the United States, he was given a second shot at life. 



Gordon's tale and endearing nature have now been honored on a large scale, with him taking first place in PEOPLE's World's Cutest Rescue Dog Contest. Wendy Wickersham discovered Gordon through a Facebook post about the dog's rescue tale in 2015. She told People Magazine, "I'm reading this sad story, and then there was a picture of him, and he's got the biggest, goofiest smile." She moved on because she was not wanting to get a pet at the moment. "I was browsing, and his face shows up again," Wickersham, who works in the wine industry, said of seeing Gordon on Facebook a second time. 



Wickersham and her husband, Jim Larson, decided to begin the adoption process since they couldn't look away this time. To prepare for Gordon's arrival from Taiwan, the couple worked for months with Love and Second Chances, a California-based rescue that was assisting Gordon in finding a home. Wickersham and Larson engaged a dog trainer to prepare their dog Yuki for the transition, made their home wheelchair accessible, and learned how to care for a disabled pet. 

Gordon came to the United States in November after seeking to adopt the dog in July 2015. His new family picked him up from the airport and drove him home. Wickersham said of Gordon, "I don't know who was more scared, me or him." The Shiba Inu moved from being "frightened" in his kennel to joyfully loving his first toy ball and "wanting to be held" during the next three weeks. She added, "It was about letting him see that he was safe and that this is your home."



The 11-year-old dog spends his days playing with his family in Bella Vista, Arkansas and loves treats. His dog mom explained, "His favorite thing is eating cookies. He loves his cookies. We even spell the word, and he still knows what we're talking about." He also loves to move around in his wheelchair and "will jump over rocks, tumble over logs, jump in the creek and chase the leaves." 

Gordon enjoys a good snuggle session as well. She hopes Gordon's joy is contagious and that his victory will inspire others to find happiness. A good cuddle session is also appreciated by Gordon. She hopes that Gordon's happiness spreads to others as a result of his victory. Wickersham said, "I love to get him out in front of people, to let them see the joy and to let them see that, yeah, there are some things that are different, but different isn't a bad thing." 




Gordon's capacity to smile in the face of life's unexpected challenges has greatly influenced Wickersham's perspective on her own life. "We thought we were adopting him to help him, and really he has given us so much joy and laughter that I feel like we could never repay that to him," she said. Wickersham recommends individuals considering adopting a pet with special needs, such as Gordon, to "do your homework" and be prepared for "a bond that's kind of unlike any other."

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