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'Goncharov' is the greatest Martin Scorsese film says the internet. But the movie doesn't exist.

'The greatest mafia movie ever made,' ran the tagline.

'Goncharov' is the greatest Martin Scorsese film says the internet. But the movie doesn't exist.
Cover Image Source: (L) Getty Images/Arturo Holmes ; (R) TikTok/@francescascorsese

The internet is an odd place where there are fandoms for all kinds of movies, directors, TV shows, cartoons, and, well, everything. Strange projects developed by these fandoms years ago might sometimes resurface and cause a stir online. The most recent craze is a Tumblr post that featured a picture of a pair of false shoes with an embroidered reference to a fake movie named "Goncharov" directed by Martin Scorsese. "The greatest mafia movie ever made," ran the tagline.

Although Scorsese has directed numerous movies that could be able to support that statement, there is no actual proof of "Goncharov's" existence, despite the Internet's friendly attempts to get others into believing it is true, per Variety. The Internet, particularly the Tumblr community, has been keeping the spirit of the imagined film alive and praising it as a work ahead of its time, whether it be a fan-made poster featuring Scorsese inspiration Robert De Niro, a written theme song, evocative fan art, faked movie snippets and stills, or hundreds of fan fiction entries on Archive of Our Own.


Tumblr played along with the myth generation of the movie, tweeting in support of the validity of the masterpiece. Tumblr tweeted, "Goncharov was inexplicably ahead of its time and its contribution to cinema is remarkable. Rarely does a film tell as many diverse-yet-interconnected stories. Hard to imagine so few people have seen it."

Francesca Scorsese, Martin Scorsese's daughter, an independent filmmaker and an actress herself who has acted in her father's movies, "The Departed", "Hugo," and "The Aviator", wanted the 80-year-old's opinion and sought it out. Humorous and sarcastic as he is, the director acknowledged the existence of the bogus movie, much to the delight of fans!

Francesca shared a screenshot of a text exchange with her father that was saved on her phone as "Daddio" in a TikTok response to a previous video that explained the background of "Goncharov," in which she inquires as to whether he has read a New York Times article outlining the digital footprint of the "Goncharov" movement. Yes, Scorsese replied in return — undoubtedly in humor — “Yes. I made that film years ago.”

Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok


It has been rumored that the faux sneaker's spelling mistake (which is what gave rise to this extensive Internet mythology of the false movie), was intended to read "Gomorrah" about the 2008 Italian drama directed by Matteo Garrone about the Naples mafia. Around the time of its debut, Scorsese commended the movie for its "frankness" and "despair," and he permitted his name to be used in its advertising.

The relationship between the father and daughter is incredibly strong. Celebrity guests like Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, and Jennifer Lawrence attended their joint birthday party recently. Francesca, whose birthday falls on November 16, the day before her father's, was dressed to the nines in a baby blue dress with mesh long sleeves for the celebrations, which took place at Cipriani South Street in New York City. In a black suit and black bowtie, the 80-year-old Wolf of Wall Street filmmaker looked equally polished. which the esteemed film director's daughter recently shared in a photo dump. "Very late birthday post!!!" the 23-year-old captioned the post. "Thank you to everyone who made me and @martinscorsese ‘s birthdays so special."


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