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Girl scared of the dark writes adorable letter thanking power workers for turning the light back on

'My daughter asked if the power workers were like superheroes, and I said, 'Yeah, they kind of are, aren’t they?' said her mother.

Girl scared of the dark writes adorable letter thanking power workers for turning the light back on
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/uglyheadink

Kids are the kindest souls. If anyone does anything for them they always make sure to thank them in their own special way. A 4-year-old girl wanted to write a letter to the power workers for fixing the power. And she wrote the sweetest things in the letter. She wrote, "Thanks power workers, thank you for helping us get the power on. I don't like being in the dark, because it's a little scary. But we lit candles and played board games. Thank you! Thank you for fixing the power. I loved The Incredibles. You are superheroes!" She signed it off as, "Ken."

Mother helping daughter with homework - Getty Images | damircudic
Mother helping daughter with homework - Getty Images | Damircudic


The 4-year-old also made a drawing of power workers with hearts behind the letter. The photo of her letter was posted on Reddit by the girl's mother and has more than 640 upvotes. It is captioned, "After our power went out, and was fixed by The Power Workers, my daughter (4) wanted to write them a letter (I was simply the transcriber)." Talking about the incident, the mother wrote in comments that the power went out around 7 am while her children aged 2 and 4 years were watching cartoons. They were scared at first but she explained to them that the power workers were working hard on fixing it. 

The mother said, "We played board games all day, and at the end of the day we decided to break out a laptop and watch "The Incredibles" on the only DVD I own. My daughter asked if the Power Workers were like superheroes, and I said “Yeah, they kind of are, aren’t they?”

Reddit | u/uglyheadink
Reddit | u/uglyheadink


Her daughter Kennedy was scared to go to her bed after the movie as she is afraid of the dark. Thankfully, the power came as the movie was ending. The mother said, "She literally jumped around the room yelling, 'Thank you power workers, thank you!' As I was tucking her into bed, she asked, “Can we write them a letter?“ I said heck yes, and the next morning we wrote one up." Kennedy later told her mother on the way to school that she wants to be a power worker when she grows up. Many on Reddit found the girl's gesture heart-warming. u/Hoz999 wrote, "You got cool kids. Kind regards." u/Puzzleheaded-Cup-194 commented, "You've got a great kid." u/Ok-Reception-8161 wrote, "What a sweet girl, that definitely made me smile." 

In another story about a girl, who was gifted a trip to Hawaii by a famous content creator Isaiah Garzia. 6-year-old Charlie, who is suffering from brain cancer, was asked by Garza in a video, "If you could pick anywhere in the world to go visit where would you want to go sweetheart ?" Charlie coyly replies, "Hawaii." Garza makes her dream come true and takes her to Hawaii. Moreover, while she and her mom were boarding the plane, the stewardess and the crew surprised them. They announced while speaking into the mic saying, "Ladies and gentlemen on behalf of Southwest Airlines would like to introduce you to a very special guest today on board. Her name is Charlie. Charlie's been fighting brain cancer for the past two and a half years. Southwest Airlines surprised her and her family with a surprise vacation tomorrow. Please give Charlie and her family a big round of applause!" 


The child loved the travel, she enjoyed the water, having a swim, making sand fairies and visiting aquariums.

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