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This 5-year-old girl who lost her dad asking grandpa to Valentine's Day dance will melt your heart

"Thank God we’ve got grandpa. The greatest man we’ve ever known and her best friend!” her mother said.

This 5-year-old girl who lost her dad asking grandpa to Valentine's Day dance will melt your heart
Cover Image Source: Tiktok / @kdub1220

It is easy to be a father but harder to be a dad and no one can replace a dad who loves you with all his heart. But children who grow up without a father figure find it extremely difficult to gel in at times. Especially in school, where are there events for children and their dads, be it recitals, dances, or any sports events. You want your dad to come to see you and cheer for you but then you realize that he isn't there which can make you feel alone and alienated from all your friends. However, one little girl's grandfather stepped in and changed this narrative. Twitter user, Kelsey Woolverton, shared this sweet conversation between her five-year-old daughter and her grandpa which is now circulating on the internet.

Image Source: Tiktok / @kdub1220
Image Source: Tiktok / @kdub1220


“This is my 5-year-old daughter,” read the text inlay on the Tiktok video posted by the girl's mother Kelsey Woolverton, aka @kdub1220. She wrote, “My husband, her daddy, passed away when she was just 1 year old. Our local gym is holding its annual Valentine’s Day Daddy-Daughter dance. I never want her to miss out on things like this." Woolverton goes on to explain some thought-provoking truth saying, "It breaks my heart that as my journey gets easier, hers get harder." She added, “Thank God we’ve got grandpa. The greatest man we’ve ever known & her best friend!” In the video, her daughter, Austyn shows her grandpa a picture that she drew. He is in awe of her painting and asks if she did it herself because it was so beautiful. Soon after, she asked the big Valentine's Day dance question.

Image Source: Tiktok / @kdub1220
Image Source: Tiktok / @kdub1220


“There’s a Valentine’s Day Dance,” she tells her grandpa. “Really?” he asks eagerly. “Are you going to it?” Austyn replies with the hard truth, “But we need our dad to go there. My dad is not going to go.” Her grandpa's face drops when he acknowledges it saying "Right." Austyn falls into his arms asking, "Will you go with me", to which her grandpa said, “Oh, I would love to, Austyn! That would be the best” while he pats her back. He asks her one more time questioning if she really wanted him to go. “Can I really go with you?” he asked. Austyn coyly nods and smiles. This is so stinking cute! Imagine having a grandpa who accompanies you to dances. So sweet.

The video amassed over 800K views with over 2000 comments. Everyone was talking about how kind and loving both of them are. User @jcwv12 commented, “Can I really go with you?” Making her know it’s his privilege, not an obligation.'" Many cried, including @paigeminchew who noted, "Now I’m bawling. This is the sweetest thing. I’m sorry your baby lost her daddy but so happy she has a grandpa! Their love radiates from them." @_aj_1995_ said, “My dad is not going to go” literally broke my heart, best grandpa award." User @nessa1963 who sympathized with Woolverton shared her own experience adding, "I'm a single mama, my dad, brother and brother-in-law have stepped up in the same way, I couldn't have asked for better men in my life, know the feeling."

Not only did Woolvertoon update the audience with more grandpa granddaughter content but has also promised a snippet from Valentine's dance. The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is the purest one. If you were lucky enough to grow up with them, you will probably know the warmth and love they exude which made your childhood twice as fun. Cheers to all our favorite grannies and grandpa's out there who love us forever!  

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