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Girl who lost 70% hair to alopecia has the most heartwarming reaction on getting a wig

She wasn't able to have the experience of seeing herself with hair but this small move changed everything.

Girl who lost 70% hair to alopecia has the most heartwarming reaction on getting a wig
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @wigsbytiffany

Many girls and women take pride in their hair no matter its color, length and texture. Hair is often addressed as an enhancing factor for women and they simply love adorning and caring for it. Unfortunately, several illnesses, genetics and other conditions cause massive hair fall among women and it is painful to let go of a much-admired part of one’s body. Alopecia is one such condition where there is little to massive hair fall due to certain medical reasons. @wigsbytiffany shared a wholesome video on Instagram of Marley who has alopecia but found her way to get her dream hair back. Tiffany is a wig specialist and has worked with several clients having hair fall-related issues.

Image Source: Instagram| @wigsbytiffany
Image Source: Instagram | @wigsbytiffany

Her wigs are designed to help clients get their dream hair and tones of encouragement as well. Sharing the story of 13-year-old Marley, it was mentioned that the girl had alopecia and it caused her to lose 70% of her hair. “She has lost 70% of her hair on and off since she was five years old. today, we gave her the gift of hair. The gift of confidence,” the caption read. In the video, Marley is seen seated with her eyes closed as she patiently waits for the result to be unveiled. Tiffany takes out a wig with shoulder-length straight and smooth hair, has bangs preps it and begins putting it on her head. The nervousness and excitement are captured on little Marley who is patiently waiting to see whether she has found the solution to her problems.

Image Source: Instagram| @wigsbytiffany
Image Source: Instagram| @wigsbytiffany

Though the dialogue is inaudible, Marley and Tiffany are seen having an ongoing conversation and following instructions as Tiffany adjusts the wig to perfection. After setting her hair one last time, with the widest smile Tiffany asks Marley to open her eyes. Marley takes the shortest glimpse at herself and covers her mouth with her hand in surprise. “The gift of seeing herself like she never has before,” the caption continued to read. As Tiffany continued to boost Marley’s spirits by speaking with her and hyping her up, the little girl couldn’t believe what she saw. Tears began to roll down her cheek as she continued to speak with Tiffany, still taken aback. Marley then, with tears in her eyes, mouths immense thanks to Tiffany as she continues to feel her wig and admire herself in the mirror.

Image Source: Instagram| @wigsbytiffany
Image Source: Instagram| @wigsbytiffany

It was revealed that Marley’s wig was funded by several people which added to the surprise element for Marley. The caption further explained that the page was dedicated to gifting wigs to little girls like Marley.“Thank you to everyone who has donated to our fund that gives free wigs to children with medical-related hair loss. It’s because of you that lives are changing for these young girls. We are so blessed to be able to do what we do!” the caption read. Several commenters congratulated and hyped Marley up and were pouring their hearts out in joy for the girl. @stephjjones123 said, “Made me cry. What a beautiful girl. The joy in her face to look like a teenager should.” @serannnwrappp said, “The way she kept touching her hair! Bless her.” @tracy_miller_weiner said, “Her reaction is so touching. She looks absolutely beautiful.”

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