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Girl was in need of a back up dancer at school. So, her uncle shows up and steals the show.

Being a professional dancer, this man picked his duty as uncle first and hopped onstage to perform with his niece.

Girl was in need of a back up dancer at school. So, her uncle shows up and steals the show.
Cover Image Source: Instagram|@dmonte_fashion

Family bonds often bring out the best in us, especially when it comes to the special connection between uncles, aunts, and their nieces and nephews. The minute they know they've become an aunt or uncle, they’re ready to spoil and pamper the child with almost anything. They give in to the most irrational ideas that their nephews or nieces offer and fun is always in the picture when it comes to aunts and uncles. So, this uncle, @dmonte_fashion posted a video with his niece having one of the most fun, special and even spontaneous plans of their lives. Demonstrating the special role of an uncle, this dancer and stylist shared a touching video supporting his 3rd-grader niece's performance.

Image Source: TikTok|@dmonte_fashion
Image Source: Instagram | @dmonte_fashion

The video captured the little girl singing “Dance Monkey” onstage at school with several students watching her perform. The girl had an electric voice but something was missing. In order to fill in for the “something missing” factor, her uncle unhesitatingly jumped in to fill as a backup dancer. While the girl delivered her song, her uncle unleashed an array of professional and dazzling moves, captivating the entire audience of children and adults. The man had simply accompanied his niece to watch her perform but the girl gave him the adorable opportunity to join her.

Image Source: TikTok|@dmonte_fashion
Image Source: Instagram | @dmonte_fashion

As she grew more confident and with the applause increasing, the girl sang proudly on the mic while her uncle hit some stunning moves. “My niece called me out to do her talent show with her. We killed it!” the man wrote in his caption. For anyone else, it may have been weird or embarrassing to just be solo dancing at the back while a kid sings, much less, a professional dancer. However, the uncle was enjoying every bit of it as he simply enjoyed the music with his niece. Their smiles throughout the performance clearly summarized what a cherishing moment it was for them both.

Image Source: TikTok|@dmonte_fashion
Image Source: Instagram | @dmonte_fashion

The man jokingly added to his captain, “I got hired by a 3rd grader. Anything for the youth.”  The video amassed many views on Instagram and TikTok. Millions of people liked the video and were unsure whether they should compliment the dancing, the singing, or the man’s loving support. @chanelpicasso511 said,” If my uncle doesn't support me like this, I don't need them.” @zioellis said, “She produced her show and I love to see it! Great execution on her vision, Uncle!”@lordbeckwith_ said, “ I love it! She will never forget this moment. Real uncle shit! Love this bro!” @drlindajbrowne said, “Love will make you do some crazy things, bro.”

Image Source: TikTok|@dmonte_fashion
Image Source: Instagram | @dmonte_fashion

Others guaranteed that this moment would go down as a core memory for both the uncle and niece and would contribute to enhancing their bond further. @msdependant_5 said, “She will never forget this!!! You will always be the one she calls! Love the way Uncle showed up and showed out for her!!!” @alvdavo complimented the uncle for his confidence saying, “ I’m 47 years old and it’s refreshing to see this generation of young men being able to enjoy themselves with confidence without feeling the need to be tough at every turn like it was back in the 1990s.” @brentontarantino said, “Much respect. Gave a good laugh too. You were going all out for the crowd.”

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