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Girl shares 10 things from Korean households that make life easier and comfortable

Does everybody in Korea live like this?

Girl shares 10 things from Korean households that make life easier and comfortable
Cover Image source: TikTok | @glowwithava

Editor's note: This article was originally published on May 28, 2021. It has since been updated.

Ava Lee, a woman born in Korea, who goes by @glowwithava, posted a video on TikTok highlighting the common items in a Korean home and they just made so much sense. The TikTok video is a glimpse into Korean culture and there's so much we can learn from them to improve our homes. Ava Lee's video has so many new tips that can make people's lives easier. 


Ava Lee was born in Korea and grew up in China. She attended an international school, reported Bored Panda. One of the first items in the video is a sliding table that can be moved across the kitchen, thus affording you extra space. It can be used and placed perpendicular to any place along the kitchen top. You can move it around freely to suit your needs. 


Anyone who enjoys cooking will tell you that the heart of any home is always the kitchen. There's nothing quite like a good, ventilated kitchen. Ava then reveals a window that has a sturdy mesh that enables cool air to filter in while you can't actually stick your hand outside. The aim of the kitchen is to supposedly prevent suicide attempts and people throwing trash.


Ava says that most Koreans have a bidet installed in the toilet seat, which she says is more hygienic. She claimed that it even helped keep the pandemic cases low in Korea. The video shows a bidet with a control panel attached to the toilet seat, which has a host of functions at the tip of their fingertips. She said some apartments in Korea come with bidets already installed.


She also explains that Koreans don't carry keys and have automated door lock systems. The lock systems include an electronic device built into the door, which opens only when the correct password is entered. 

Automated door lock system/TikTok

She also pointed out that Koreans value a laundry machine over a dishwasher and when there's a space constraint, it's always the dishwasher that gets the boot. 

Washing machine/TikTok

In a separate video, she says people in Korea really enjoy getting a good massage and so some of them install an electronic massage chair in their homes. "To give yourself a full body massage every single day is what makes Koreans so happy all the time,” she explains. 

Massage chair/TikTok

The home also has two refrigerators to store food with one being for kimchi, a traditional side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, while the other is for the other food. 

Two fridge/TikTok

The apartment also has a separate door by the entrance to keep out all the shoe odor, which Ava says is to "keep all the positive energy inside.”


This particular apartment had two laundry machines. "We Koreans love to do laundry and to stay clean, so there is a double unit fitted with a washer and dryer which seems to be located in a separate laundry room," says Ava in the video. 


She then swivels the camera to reveal a dinner table that has an expensive spread. She assures there are no guests visiting but is simply the Korean way. “Koreans take family meals very seriously and prepare every meal as if they were having guests over all the time,” said Ava. 


There was a lot of discussion in the comments, with many praising her for sharing the ideas. But some pointed out that such apartments, appliances, and lifestyle were only attainable for people who were rich. 



You can follow Ava (@glowwithava) on TikTok for more lifestyle content.

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