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Girl loves eating Nutella and defends her lifestyle in the most adorable video

Kids don't like to be told what to do and especially what not to eat. So, it was no surprise that this toddler put her foot down when her mom tried to 'ban' Nutella.

Girl loves eating Nutella and defends her lifestyle in the most adorable video
Cover Image Source: Instagram/Amanda Merch

When it comes to kids learning to feed themselves, we can expect some interesting variations in their eating arrangements. For instance, they may put all their raspberries on their fingertips or dip their food in unconventional combinations. They may choose to use a fork or a spoon, or they may not use it. It's all up to their mood. Most of the time, this is perfectly fine. After all, many of the foods we give toddlers are finger foods, which they can easily eat on their own. Similarly, take the Nutella toast featured in a funny video on Reddit by Gloomy__Revenue. It's cut into triangles, making it simple to eat. So what's the problem? Well, this little girl seems to prefer eating the Nutella by itself rather than with the toast.



The video is captioned, "This Girl Defending Her Lifestyle". In the video, the girl is seen saying, "That's not the way I live my life!" She lives her life as someone who separates the Nutella from the toast, got it, Mom? If she had her way, she might just eat a spoonful of Nutella for breakfast. And honestly, who could blame her? The response of this toddler completely captured the hearts of the commenters, Nihilistic_Optimism, says "Spoken like a true addict 🤣"

LifeShortyShelf6969, says "Oh the serious look on her face!! Adorable 🥰" "Sometimes, it's alright to let kids be kids. It's not going to be that way for them for long, because they'll grow up. And one day you'll wish for a time when eating some Nutella off of a slice of bread, was something you had the time, patience and health to do." says, JohnnyLovesData.

mootannie, says "This is exactly my kid when she only eats the mayo/mustard/bread part of her ham and cheese sammies. She asks for ham and cheese, swears to eat the whole thing, then only eats the bread with the condiments while saying it's the last time.... God I love her tiny lying face."



StnMtn_, said "Nutella is so addicting but marketed to seem healthy." "My 9 yr old son is addicted to it. I told him that I would get him a jar of Nutella for Christmas and he got super excited," says, RedVamp2020



Even Nutella left a comment on Amanda's official Instagram account, stating, "We're happy to spread the love ❤️ Hope you enjoy!" But let's be real, we all have had those moments where we just want to eat our favorite food in its purest form. Maybe it's chocolate chips straight out of the bag or frosting licked off a spoon. And who can blame us? Life is too short not to enjoy the little things.

Moreover, it's not just toddlers who have unique eating habits. Adults have their quirks too. Some people like to put ketchup on everything, while others refuse to eat anything green. And let's not forget about the people who cut their sandwiches diagonally instead of straight down the middle. But when it comes to kids, we have to be a bit more patient and understanding. They are still learning and exploring the world around them. Besides, watching them figure out how to use utensils or try new foods can be downright hilarious.

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