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Little girl loses teddy bear with recording of mom's heartbeat sparking widespread search and support

The family sought help from a radio station that broadcasted a message on Facebook, which gained widespread attention from all over the United States.

Little girl loses teddy bear with recording of mom's heartbeat sparking widespread search and support
Image Source: Facebook/WRIL Radio Station

Children are very attached to their toys and surroundings from a young age. They often pick favorites when it comes to toys and carry that attachment love well into adulthood. However, for this 4-year-old, her one toy means more than just a toy. The little girl from Tennessee lost her teddy bear and the people on the internet are helping to find her precious toy as it holds a lot of meaning for her. The bear with rainbow colors has a recording of her mother's final heartbeat before her passing. With the determination to reunite with this valuable family heirloom, individuals are coming together to help bring the bear back home, reported My Modern Met.



Using Facebook, the WRIL radio station was the first to sound the alarm. In the absence of actual pictures of the bear, they shared some representations based on its description. The teddy bear was mistakenly given away to the Goodwill in Tazewell, Tennessee. Upon discovering the mistake, the family contacted the store, only to find out that the bear had already been sold. The store was eager to help the family and even passed a note that read, "We are [in] search of a [tie-dyed Build-a-Bear] that was accidentally donated. This bear is the only thing of a departed mother that a little girl has. Please, if you have it, return [it] to this store so we can reunite them. You will be reimbursed."


After being unsuccessful, the family sought the help of a radio station that broadcasts to the tri-state region of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. They posted about the lost toy on Facebook and it has gained widespread attention and individuals from all over the United States are reaching out to offer their support. They wrote, "Calls and messages to the store and our station have been coming in from all over the country, but the manager feels that the bear is still most likely in the Tri-State area."

Initially, the family shared various pictures of tie-dyed teddy bears that they found on Google as a reference point for anyone who may have seen the missing bear. WRIL later provided an update, sharing a video of the original bear that included the sound of the girl's late grandmother's heartbeat. Upon viewing the footage, a keen observer named Justin Redmond was able to identify the bear as the Rainbow Sparkle Bear from Build-a-Bear. Having a clear representation of the missing bear could potentially facilitate its retrieval and eventual reunion with its young owner.

Despite numerous individuals sharing images of tie-dyed teddy bears purchased from thrift stores with WRIL, the bear remains unlocated as of now. Nevertheless, some residents have volunteered to search through Goodwill stores in the area, hoping to find it. This heartwarming story demonstrates the power of community and the kindness of strangers. It also highlights the important role that cherished possessions can play in our lives, particularly in helping us to stay connected to loved ones who have passed away.

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