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Eight-year-old refuses Christmas gifts, asks to keep homeless warm instead

Eight-year-old Hailey Anderson asked her mom for socks to donate to the homeless this Christmas, showing us all the importance of giving.

Eight-year-old refuses Christmas gifts, asks to keep homeless warm instead
Source: Getty Images

If there's any season that reminds us of all the good we are capable of committing, it's got to be the holidays. While we're aware of the importance of giving now, this probably wasn't the case when we were kids. I, for one, always sent Santa long lists of all the toys I would like every Christmas, as I'm sure many children still do. However, there's one little girl who has gone against the grain this year and shown us all the importance of selflessness. Eight-year-old Hailey Amerson, a third-grader from Humble, Texas (how fitting!), asked her parents for gifts to keep the homeless warm instead of presents for herself this Christmas, ABC News reports.


Hailey surprised her mother Demonica Amerson earlier this month when she asked her for socks to give to the needy instead of asking for toys. It was on a cold day in November when she thought of ways to keep the homeless warm and made the request. Of course, her mother obliged. The mother-daughter duo took things a step further and got the rest of their friends and family members involved as well. So, over the past few weeks, they have all come together to collect over a thousand pairs of warm socks to donate to the needy and homeless. The little girl even got some of her close friends from school to join in.


Proud mother Demonica shared in an interview with ABC News, "I am so excited that my eight-year-old decided to help this Christmas season. And instead of gaining gifts, she decided to be a blessing to other people." How true! The best gift that you can give someone is your commitment and selflessness. As for young Hailey, she's quite happy with receiving absolutely nothing for Christmas as long as she gets to lend a helping hand to those in need. She claimed that her good deed is the reason behind her joyful mood this season. "It's very fun and I just love to give stuff to people if they're homeless, sick and poor," she explained. "It makes me feel very happy." If only we inspired all children to be as satisfied and contented because of their selfless actions.


While Hailey has already made such a big impact with her "small" idea, she doesn't plan to stop there. According to ABC News, the young humanitarian already has even bigger plans for the new year. By rallying together her friends, family, and the larger community, she hopes to donate coats to anyone who might need them next year. She aims to donate these coats to the needy and homeless by Easter, which will take place on Sunday, April 12, next year. If you're inspired by little Hailey, follow in her footsteps and start your own charity drive this year. Let's also, like Hailey and the Anderson family, carry on the spirit of giving in to the next year.


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