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Girl dad reveals why he watches the WNBA and it's the type of women empowerment we need

Many women appreciated the gesture by the dad and said that they would have appreciated it if their own dads had watched women's sports.

Girl dad reveals why he watches the WNBA and it's the type of women empowerment we need
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @sportyspotlight

Women's sports is rarely—if ever—given the credit it deserves and women atheletes are not revered as much as their male counterparts even proving their talents and abilities multiple times. This is evident in the disparity between the popularity of NBA as compared to WNBA, which is not duly appreciated by most viewers. People do not recognize the inspiring example these women can set for younger girls and women. However, one dad who realized this is trying to change how we look at WNBA, atleast for his daughter.

TikToker @sportyspotlight plans to “help #girldads [love] women’s pro sports” and “to better support their sporty daughters.” He uploaded a video recently where he is seen simply and beautifully spending time with his daughter. He took this time to encourage her daughter to be "sporty" and also let other dads know that they can encourage their daughters as well.

Image Source: TikTok | @sportyspotlight
Image Source: TikTok | @sportyspotlight

“To me this is what it's all about. It's subtle, but Lily just came by and as I was watching the WNBA highlights, sat down quietly and watched,” he said as he recorded her watching TV. “No one said anything but that's okay. She was seeing dad watch women play sports, and I know that means something to her and it means something to me too. I love seeing this.” Many women appreciated the dad's thoughtful parenting style and said that they would have appreciated it if their own dads had watched women's sports.

The video has gained over 36k likes and hundreds of comments since being uploaded on the social media platform. @re2thomp commented, "As a 30 y/o whose dad always watched sports. You’ve just made me think I’ve never actually seen him watch women’s sports. Subtle change- huge impact." @pkdwarrior wrote, "YES!!! My dad got me into watching women’s soccer long before there was a league. We followed the Canadian women’s National team. Got up at all hours." @fundimensional shared, "I'm in my 30s, and my dad has a woman boss for the first time I can remember. Hearing him say 'she' when talking respectfully about work affects me." @Iyv wrote, "My dad coached soccer just so my team wouldn't get cut for not having a coach. supportive dads are everything." 

Image Source: TikTok | @
Image Source: TikTok | @sportyspotlight

Fathers truly support us in the best ways possible. In another story about a loving and a supportive dad, Rob Scharbach, 42, had no idea who Taylor Swift was before his stepdaughter came into his life. "I met her when she was 5," said Scharbach. His stepdaughter became a Taylor Swift fan when she was 6 years old, reports TODAY. Now, the child is 13 and he shared that Swift's music is played "all over the place."

"She's constantly dancing and singing, so I thought: 'I should learn a little bit about Taylor,'" he said. Scharbach decided to join the Reddit community and learn about the artist. It slowly became fun for him. "It gave us a lot more to relate to and talk with each other about," he revealed. Recently, the proud father thanked people on Subreddit for teaching him all about Taylor Swift. 

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"I just want to extend a thank you to all you die-hard fans for all the topics and talking points you've provided. My daughter's face lights up like you wouldn't believe when I start dropping knowledge or asking if she's heard the same rumors, etc. I've always had a very close relationship with her, but this has just enhanced that connection so much and I love it. So thank you, all of you, for being such a wonderful fan base. I'm glad she's a part of it," he wrote. Sophia said of her father, "He is such a good dad. He's a very caring person and he's always putting other people before themselves and making sure everyone else is happy before him." The duo could not have been more adorable!

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