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Adorable video captures German Shepherd spectacularly failing every service dog training test

Ryker was in a world of his own and was busy being a good boy as he ignored orders and destroyed some of the items used.

Adorable video captures German Shepherd spectacularly failing every service dog training test
Image Source: YouTube Screenshot/Double H Canine Training Academy

Dogs can usually be trained easily and given their agility, they make great service animals. But then again, not all dogs are the same. Reminding us why it's wrong to generalize, a hilarious viral video showed a dog failing spectacularly at every test to become a service dog. The German Shepherd named Ryker goes through all the tests for a service dog but he fails at every stage that it's adorable. Ryker is a good boy but he's just not into taking orders. Dogs are often trained to be service dogs and guide dogs. The video shows Ryker being put to the test with a man in a wheelchair looking to be guided by the dog. Ryker, with little concern for his caretaker, leaps all over the place dragging the man. At one point, Ryker reacts to a ball being thrown and causes the guy to fall off the wheelchair. Ryker really couldn't care less if his caretaker is thrown to the ground, he is a very very good boy. 



The adorable video was shared by the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, KY and is one of the comments read: Every dog has a purpose. Clearly, Ryker’s purpose is not to be a service dog. The German Shepherd is very relatable and is a free spirit with dreams of his own. He is easily distracted and full of life. At one point in the video, he demolishes the wheelchair and in another, he bites and drags the walker away from the person using it. I wouldn't want trust Ryker to guide any human being but to be around him must be what heaven feels like. The internet just couldn't get enough of him and Ryker's antics went viral in no time. 

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We're all rooting for you, Ryker!

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