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Heroic firefighter grandfather delivers own granddaughter at fire station

Veteran firefighter Bret Langston's quick thinking and calm demeanor were a testament to his years of experience.

Heroic firefighter grandfather delivers own granddaughter at fire station
Cover Image Source: Facebook/ Stefanie L Williams

Bret Langston, a veteran firefighter in Georgia, helped deliver his first grandchild at his fire station last month. His daughter, Hannah Langston, woke up in the early hours of February 10 with what she thought were contractions. Her mother suggested they stop at Bret's fire station to take a bathroom break. However, when Hannah got out of the car, she realized the baby was coming and wouldn't be able to make it to the birthing center.

According to Good Morning America, Bret, who had delivered multiple children during his 28 years in the fire service, quickly took charge. He led his daughter to his personal bunk room at the fire station, cleared the bed, put plastic trash bags down, and replaced his sheets to make Hannah as comfortable as possible. The other firefighters helped by locating the station's obstetrical kit and warming up towels. Bret's wife called Hannah's doula, who was only five or six minutes away, and 10 minutes after getting settled in, Adalynn was born. Hannah was shocked by the quick arrival of her baby girl, but both mom and baby were healthy without any complications.


"It was just like unreal," Hannah said. "They put her on my chest, and at first, I was just shocked." Bret said he's excited to show his granddaughter around the fire station as she grows up, and they now share a remarkable bond. He added that although the situation was unexpected, his family is "over the moon" after welcoming Adalynn. "It became a little emotional for me because while this is my daughter and my granddaughter, and she picked a peculiar place to enter the world, it was very sweet, and it's something that I will never forget," Bret said.


Bret has delivered around 10 to 12 babies during his career as a firefighter. He said that natural instincts took over to make sure they had the right stuff. He also mentioned that this was the first time he had delivered a grandchild. Hannah's experience highlights the unpredictable nature of childbirth. Many women think they'll have plenty of time during labor, but things can progress quickly, especially for first-time mothers. It's essential to have a birth plan in place and to be prepared for unexpected situations.


Bret's story also shows the incredible work that firefighters do. They're often the first on the scene during emergencies and have the skills and knowledge to handle a wide range of situations. Bret's quick thinking and calm demeanor during his daughter's labor is a testament to his years of training and experience.

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