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Gen Z realtor gives 'speed tours' of houses leaving the internet in splits: 'Changing the game'

If anyone knows how to grab the attention and sell a house to the present generation, it is this young Gen Z realtor.

Gen Z realtor gives 'speed tours' of houses leaving the internet in splits: 'Changing the game'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @trent_miller__

When checking out a property to purchase, one would like to take their time and browse through the space well. While it is interesting for customers, for real estate agents, it can become monotonous. A licensed realtor, Trent Miller—who goes by @trent_miller__ on TikTok—has come up with a fun way of showing houses and the internet hilariously approves. The man has been doing showings at a fast-forwarded pace. Titling them “Speed Tours,” Miller runs through rooms, explaining the features and perks. In one of his recent videos, he showed a house and flaunted each room as quickly as he could. The most baffling part is that one could understand and figure out what he was saying.

Image Source: TikTok|@trent_miller_ _
Image Source: TikTok | @trent_miller__ 

“First, you see the office space,” he said after sharing a quick and short introduction of the house and price. He ran through the small rectangular portion and came to the closet. Running through the corridor, he opened the closet door to reveal the closet. He ran through the doors, showing all the spaces as if he were running for his life. Along with making his tours fast-paced, he also made them fun and interesting. His impulsive and speedy fashion was like an invitation to follow and look at what’s in store. Miller ran ahead of the camera and was out of sight. The camera person walked towards a bathroom.

Image Source: TikTok|@trent_miller_ _
Image Source: TikTok|@trent_miller__

The realtor was nowhere to be seen, but he was caught clinging and facing toward one of the corner walls. “This is a beautiful half-bath,” he remarked while sprinting ahead. Coming to the family room, one would hope Miller would keep more time to explain the specifics. The man waited for 2 seconds more while introducing the room. However, the only specifics he hilariously added were, “My family left me when I was 13.” Miller ran through another room, yelling, “I don’t know what this room is.”

Image Source: TikTok|@trent_miller_ _
Image Source: TikTok | @trent_miller__

Miller immediately came outside to the deck portion and slowly ran in a circle before running back in. He exclaimed, “This is a beautiful deck, not as beautiful as me.” He ran through several other spaces, leaving the camera person struggling to find even a glimpse of him. However, he hysterically yet professionally explained each place in a jiffy. “This is the garage,” he yelled in surprise when the camera finally got a view of him. Miller went on to show the kitchen and the rest of the rooms. He tried to hide his exhaustion from all the running, but the camera caught glimpses of the man panting.

 Image Source: TikTok|@jehovahs_thiccness
Image Source: TikTok | @jehovahs_thiccness
 Image Source: TikTok|@katelyn.nutt
Image Source: TikTok | @katelyn.nutt

The house showing humored many because it seemed like someone had the man at gunpoint to finish the tour in less than 2 minutes. In a bizarre and impulsive setting, Miller continued to show the rest of the spots. “If you want to buy this house, DM me!” he yelled. @roaminglemon remarked, “This caught my attention and I want house tours only this way now.” @sabnasty exclaimed, “I don’t know how much money you are making but it needs to be more.” @mad.face.turtle wrote, “Now I want this house because of speedy service.” @momma.neemoo said, “This is the perfect way to target the new generation buying houses. Speed tour!”

@trent_miller__ It’s Time For Another SPEED TOUR‼️💨 Thank you guys for all the love and support!! More videos coming soon! Looking To Buy Or Sell Real Estate?? DM ME‼️🏡 ~Price Is Estimated Down Payment~ #realestate #homesforsale #RealEstate #HomeForSale #RealtorLife #DreamHome #Property #HouseHunting #NewListing #ForSale #HomeSweetHome #InvestmentProperty #OpenHouse #LuxuryLiving #HomeBuyer #HomeDecor #HouseGoals #BuyersMarket #SellingHomes #Homeownership #RealEstateAgent #speedtour ♬ original sound - trent_miller__


You can follow Trent Miller (@trent_miller__) on TikTok for more real estate and humor content.

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