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Gen Z have their phones on 'Do Not Disturb' always for a valid reason and everyone else agrees

Several young people are avoiding the chaos of unexpected calls and texts just by keeping their phones on DND and Gen X and Gen Y are hopping in on the trend as well.

Gen Z have their phones on 'Do Not Disturb' always for a valid reason and everyone else agrees
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska, Twitter | @QuantumMagick

With technology's rapid advancement, many agree that mobile phones, in particular, have increasingly become a source of frustration. The relentless pace and constant connectivity have posed unique challenges, particularly for Gen Z. Fed up with incessant calls and texts, today's youth have popularized the 'Do Not Disturb' (DND) trend to mitigate these disturbances. The Independent reported that several GenZers are opting to purposefully leave their phones on DND 24/7 for a valid reason.

Representative Image Source| Pexels| Arun Thomas
Representative Image Source| Pexels| Arun Thomas

This trend sees young individuals silencing their phones round the clock, escaping the buzz and bother of calls and notifications. The DND mode on phones was initially designed to keep phones from being a distraction during important events or even meetings, work or study. However, GenZers are using the same to avoid the added anxiety of having to deal with people calling and messaging on the spot. Popularly on TikTok, several youths have shared how peaceful and comfortable it is to have one’s phone on DND and avoid immediate or spontaneous conversations, especially with random people.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Ketut Subiyanto
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Ketut Subiyanto

Max Burner (@themaxburns) shared a post on X (Previously Twitter) after a discussion with his GenZ colleagues that pointed out the same. “Some Gen Z kids keep their cellphones on ‘Do Not Disturb’ 24/7, so they never have to face the anxiety of answering the phone,” the post read. While the post has since been deleted, several people continued to post about the same and how it is a solution to the fast-paced, anxiety-causing everyday life. While GenZs started the trend and are proud and comfortable with it, GenXers and other generation adults are also chiming in to pick up on the trend.

Labeling it peace rather than a means to avoid anxiety, many adults also see it as an effective way to dodge unwelcome disturbances. In a comment reposted by @QuantumMagick, it was revealed that adults too prefer not having to deal with unexpected calls and messages or unexpected people just as much as Gen Zs. The post read, “Not Gen Z, but X. My phone is always on DND with a whitelist. I don’t have time to deal with that crap. You’re whitelisted, if I want to talk to you. Otherwise, text or leave a message. Don’t email me either unless it’s a contract.”




Replying to Max Burner’s post, @DaveOshry also pitched in and said, “I do this because I'm 40 and I don't want to be f***ing bothered.” @reereepoo699587 said, “I do this because If I’m expecting a call, I’ll call you or add your number to the exceptions. Otherwise, I don’t want my time to be interrupted.” @DFazourou said, “Yeah, doing this since I’m 30 and I’m 39 now. It’s the peace.” Whether peace, avoiding interruptions or curbing anxiety, the trend has surely taken off and a majority of people are comfortable with simply getting to their missed calls and messages and choosing whether or not they’d like to attend to the same.


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