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Gen Z has a different take on how millennials wear sunglasses and it's as interesting as it gets

Every new generation believes they know better than their predecessors. This conflict of opinion can often lead to fun debates like this one.

Gen Z has a different take on how millennials wear sunglasses and it's as interesting as it gets
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jordanharpernp

Every new generation thinks they know more and better than their previous generations, be it fashion, cooking, health, or work. It makes sense when you see how Gen Z has been going after millennials again. However, this time, it is for the way they have chosen to wear sunglasses, as explained by Jordan Harper - who goes on TikTok by @jordanharpernp. She talks about the latest thing she is being bullied for by Gen Z on the platform.

                                                                                                            Image Source: TikTok | @jordanharpernp


She started her video by saying, "I just want to let you know what kind of just absolute bullying I've been receiving all day." According to the video, she seems to be sitting poolside with a few girls when one of them states how out-of-trend Harper's way of wearing sunglasses is. She continues, "They think it's just so funny. The way I wear my sunglasses isn't good enough for these people." The woman sitting next to her, who appears to be her family member and Gen Z, laughed out loud while stating how the way Harper wore her sunglasses and called for a "PR nightmare." She disagreed with the way Harper wore her sunglasses.

Image Source: TikTok | @jordanharpernp
Image Source: TikTok | @jordanharpernp


That's when Harper decided to show her viewers on camera how she generally wears her sunglasses. What she does is that she wears them completely up on the bridge of her nose. The woman joins the conversation to show Harper and her viewers the correct way to wear sunglasses. According to her, one's eyebrows must always be visible.

She also tells Harper that her sunglasses are "So shoved into your face." She said it looks like "the dad that wears a visor." She explains that pushing the sunglasses all the way up makes them seem like it's a dad wearing a visor, just looking around. She believes the visibility of eyebrows to be crucial while wearing sunglasses. "You gotta wear them right," she added.

Image Source: TikTok | @jordanharpernp
Image Source: TikTok | @jordanharpernp


This debate seemed to be never-ending, so Harper concluded her video by asking her viewers how they prefer to wear their sunglasses. "So, do we like the sunglasses, are we this kind," she asks. She and the woman sitting next to her enquired, "How are you wearing your sunglasses, like do you look like the normal way or the dad way?" They also demonstrated both ways before finally asking, "Okay, so are we up high on the nose, or are we low?" This question divided the comment section into two teams. Well, mostly.

While one commenter, @jennifer36367, supported Harper by saying, "Properly, so on the top of my nose and not halfway down to let the sun in my eyes and deceive the whole point of the sunglasses lol," another one, @pamarancibiaa, agreed with the girl sitting next to her saying, "I'm millennial and I've always worn down lower on the nose because you can see your brows. It's part of the look." @arzumuzun7 had some fashion advice to give and it made total sense. She said, "As an old fashion edit, you wear them fully if you are going out in the sun. If you are having a photo or video shoot, you can wear them down a little."

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