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Gardener puts up a poster offering to plant free fruit and flower trees his neighbors

The gardener created a captivating poster and expressed their desire to see more flowers and fruits in the neighborhood.

Gardener puts up a poster offering to plant free fruit and flower trees his neighbors
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/SpikeMF

Fruit trees serve a vital role in providing us with sustenance and a place of refuge. Recognizing their significance, a generous Reddit user has taken the initiative to offer free fruit trees to their neighbors. u/SpikeMF also made a poster about this and posted it on the platform. They are offering trees of peach, cherry, apple, plum and even others. "Put up a bunch of these fliers. I hope someone takes me up on it," they wrote in the caption. It is a truly special gift as it provides fresh air and shelter for animals and is a gift that keeps giving. Moreover, it can also provide with many fruits that would have been expensive at the supermarket otherwise.

Image Source: Reddit | u/SpikeMF
Image Source: Reddit | u/SpikeMF

Home-grown fruits are organic, more natural and healthier to consume as well. The poster reads, "Would you like a fruit tree? I can purchase and plant at no cost to you. Peaches, cherries, apples, plums...and more! I'm just a local gardener that wants to see more flowers and fruits in the neighborhood. My only request is that the trees are planted where the passerby can reach them." Then, the poster mentions the email of the gardener. People loved this creative effort by the user and the post has received 9.6K upvotes on Reddit, along with hundreds of comments.

u/salmonmaskfacsimile commented, "What a wonderful idea! I hope it, pardon the pun, bears fruit." The gardener also shared in the comments, "I came to realize that there are a lot of sun-soaked monocultures front yards in my neighborhood and if I could even just a couple of houses to plant fruit trees along the sidewalk, this area would be an orchard in five years. My hope is that if this is successful, then it might be popularized in other areas."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

u/ProfessionalFan8690 wrote, "Some counties do this for free! In the county I grew up in, you could get one free fruit tree a year if you are a homeowner." u/treehugg3r1989 shared their own story, "I planted a peach tree the first year we moved into our new house. It's been about 6 years and last year, we finally got our first decent crop. It was so cute. Neighbors knocked on our door and asked if they could pick some. They offered money, but we wouldn't accept it."

Image Source: Reddit | u/theblacklabradork
Image Source: Reddit | u/theblacklabradork

Plants really nourish our environment and also give us hope. In another heartwarming story about plants, one Reddit user shared incredible satellite images of Costa Rica, showing how the country's forests have recovered in the last four decades. The user shared several images, compiled as four GIFs, depicting Costa Rica's various regions in 1987, 2000 and 2015. The caption reads, "Reforestation in Costa Rica as seen from satellite images (GIF comparing 1987, 2000, and 2015)." Costa Rica, like many other countries, has experienced intense deforestation over the past century.

Image Source: Reddit | r/geography
Image Source: Reddit | r/geography

Environmentalist Ben Goldsmith wrote in a tweet, "Costa Rica took the decision to revive the forest area in the 1980s. Since then, in one generation, forest cover has more than doubled, from a quarter of the country to half," alongside pictures showing the improvement in the dense forest coverage in the country. Costa Rica's success in reforestation serves as an inspiring model for the rest of the world, demonstrating the positive impact that determined conservation efforts can have on the environment.


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