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'Frugal' mom receives a wholesome gift and handwritten note from 11-year-old daughter on birthday

The daughter saved something special from her own birthday and turned it into a thoughtful gift for her mother.

'Frugal' mom receives a wholesome gift and handwritten note from 11-year-old daughter on birthday
Representative Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/SeaHorizon; Reddit | u/808zAndThunder

Kids observe their parents very closely. So, when they see them working hard and not spending much money on themselves, the kids try to do their bit. A girl has won hearts on the internet by giving her mom a precious gift with a wholesome note. On the mom's birthday, she shared (u/SeaHorizon) on Reddit, a post revealing her daughter made the day extra special by handing her the sweetest note ever. 

Image Source: Pexels | Anastasia Shuraeva
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Anastasia Shuraeva

The post is captioned, "Got a money envelope from my 11-year-old daughter" and it comprises a photo of the gift package that the daughter prepared for her mother. Hilariously describing herself as a "frugal" person, the mom wrote: "Celebrated my birthday this money envelope from my 11-year-old with this message...she knows I am frugal... lol." The picture shows a red envelope that says, "Love you! mamma cutie. From: Ivaanya." There is some money kept below with a note which read, "To, Maa only spending money. Please don't save. Love, Ivu."

The mom shared in a comment that she is her best friend and she turned 11 on February 25 and "got a bit of cash from family and friends. I was so touched that she took some of it and gave it to me today for my birthday ..oh my heart." 

Image Source: Reddit | u/SeaHorizon
Image Source: Reddit | u/SeaHorizon

The post has about 2.1k upvotes and people on the social media platform loved the child's gift for her mom. u/dbt187 commented, "Aw I love this OP. She sees how hard you work and save and just wants you to treat yourself." u/808zAndThunder wrote, "You’re doing an amazing job as a mom OP. Maybe use the money to get some ice cream with her." u/LemonCollee said, "What a sweetheart you have there! I second taking her for some ice cream." u/WonkasWonderfulDream shared, "It didn’t say you have to spend it on just you. Maybe you can use this to do something loving and kind with your child. Maybe she could even help you plan." u/cassiopeia18 wrote, "That's so sweet and thoughtful of her." The mother later wrote, "Thank you so much, everyone. Your comments and thoughts made my day even more special. I am taking her to Kung Fu Panda show today with premiere seats."

Image Source: Reddit | u/plsnobanty
Image Source: Reddit | u/plsnobanty

While kids are extremely sweet, they can also be brutally honest as well. In another post, a 7-year-old daughter wrote a note to her mother about how she feels about her working from home and it is hilarious. The mom wrote, "Just started working from home. My 7-year-old is brutal." She shared the picture of her little girl's handwritten note that said, "You s**k at your job." Just these five words were enough. One doesn't exactly know why the kid wrote these words was it because she was not happy that her mom was not giving her that much attention or if she was jesting? "I think you've got a slam dunk case for HR here," commented u/Revolutionary-Swan77. u/seth928 wanted to know if the child's comments were true, "Are they right though?" the mom responded, saying, "It's day two and I'm trying my best."

Image Source: Reddit | u/makeupisthedevil
Image Source: Reddit | u/makeupisthedevil

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