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'Fraggle Rock' is back over three decades later

The classic TV show is already available for free streaming on Apple Plus TV. New episodes will feature the characters socially distancing while singing the tunes you loved.

'Fraggle Rock' is back over three decades later
Image Source: Fraggle Rock / Facebook

After 33 years, the hit tv series Fraggle Rock is back. If you grew up watching the show, prepare for the nostalgia to hit. The show has been picked up by Apple TV Plus and is already available to stream for free on the platform, according to The Hollywood Reporter. When Fraggle Rock first premiered, it was way ahead of the curve, addressing important issues such as prejudice, spirituality, personal identity, the environment, and social conflict. The new show will be titled Fraggle Rock: Rock On! So gear up to spend some more time with classic characters such as Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt. This could also be a great way to keep your kids engaged as the family stays at home.



At present, older episodes, which are about three to five episodes long, are already available for streaming on Apple TV Plus. However, new episodes are scheduled to debut every Tuesday starting next week. The new episodes were executive produced by Halle Stanford and John Tartaglia. The series was also shot entirely on an iPhone (the iPhone 11 to be precise) from the homes of the production team as well as other artists all over the United States. While it may not be the same Fraggle Rock we all grew up watching, it's sure to be incredibly exciting and retain the original flavor of the show.



Reportedly, the new episodes of the show will all feature the characters social-distancing from their own caves. They will also hang out together on a Zoom-like video conferencing app, through which they will sing and dance to keep your children entertained. The Jim Henson Company, which produced Fraggle Rock, tweeted earlier this week, "The Fraggles might be apart in separate caves, but they can still have fun together! Join Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt for Fraggle Rock: Rock On! New shorts each week. Watch now on the Apple TV [Plus] app. No subscription required." The company also posted a trailer for the much-awaited show. Needless to say, we're all on our way to download the Apple TV Plus app.



The first episode, which has already been released on the streaming platform, is entitled Shine On and features Doozertubes being delivered to the Fraggles' caves. These Doozertubes allow the characters to come together for a group sing-along. Together, they sing 'Shine On, Shine On Me.' While the new edition of the show will feature new tracks, they'll also include some of the old hits that you loved listening to while growing up. The original edition of the Fraggle Rock show aired on HBO in the United States and had almost 100 episodes. The show first premiered in  1983 and ran until 1987.



The new series is part of an initiative to produce entertainment content while adhering to public health and safety guidelines amidst the ongoing pandemic. Recently, our entertainment has looked very different. Not only are we streaming content a lot more, but many of our favorite pastimes have moved online. If you're looking for other ways to keep your children entertained during this difficult time, you may want to check out Mondays with Michelle Obama, wherein the former first lady reads her favorite storybooks to children across the world via a live stream on Facebook. Country singer Dolly Parton and Reading Rainbow host Levar Burton have also launched similar programs.



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