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Fox News dedicated an entire segment to mocking CNN anchors who contracted Coronavirus

The state of the American press has long been abysmal. However, Fox News took things to a new low during a recent telecast.

Fox News dedicated an entire segment to mocking CNN anchors who contracted Coronavirus
Image Source: Fox News

A free press has always been regarded as the fourth pillar of any democracy. However, it appears that American media has sunk to a new low. On Wednesday night, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham used her show to belittle anchors from CNN who had tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. Ingraham, who has become infamous for touting ineffective and untested drugs as a cure for the disease and encouraging viewers to take part in anti-stay-at-home protests, used her time on The Ingraham Angle program to "talk smack about the newscasters, complete with pre-packaged graphics," The Rolling Stone reports. The segment marked a low point in the state of the American press.




The program began with guest Raymond Arroyo, who criticized CNN anchors for "injecting themselves" into the stories they reported. "Laura, the first rule of journalism is: don’t inject yourself into the story," he said. "But there seems to be a deliberate attempt to graft a slew of CNN anchors onto this... Crisis." He made mention of news anchors such as Chris Cuomo, Brooke Baldwin, and Richard Quest, all fixtures at CNN who have in one way or another spoken about contracting the virus. Arroyo continued, "A number of them have contracted the virus and emoted their personal experiences. It almost appears they’ve launched a series of new reality shows. You could call this one ‘Are You Sicker Than a CNN Anchor?'"




As he made mention of the ridiculous title, a pre-made graphic, designed to look like the popular logo of reality quiz show 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?' flashed on the screen. A "mash-up" of the CNN news anchors Arroyo mentioned followed. However, he wasn't done there. He went on, "Laura, the self-referential emoting is what is so galling. People are dying and losing their livelihoods. Chances are, young and healthy anchors will not succumb to the disease. And to keep this narrative going every night that’s so personal, it is disturbing. Because you lose all perspective. It is great to have perspective, but to become the story is a big problem here. And CNN really should tamp down their personal stories. It’s too much."



Ingraham then responded. Though she mentioned she was glad to know that the anchors are okay, she quickly pivoted to a rather ironic question. She asked, "I don’t really get it. Is that the news?" Perhaps Ingraham should be reminded that she was using her show to make fun of fellow journalists who were simply doing their jobs - reporting. Not pointing fingers. Not making sick jokes. Definitely not using their valuable on-air time to spread hatred and degrade the free press. While CNN news anchors are dedicating their time to sharing facts and experiences of those with Coronavirus, Ingraham seems far too occupied with pseudo-scientific treatment methods and ways to erase the progress we've made when it comes to "flattening the curve." If the CNN anchors' stories aren't news, how is your coverage any better, Ingraham? Maybe it's time to listen to your own guests: "People are dying and losing their livelihoods." It's time to share their stories rather than pretending your show is a stand-up comedy set. Which is funny, because your show is quite a joke.



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