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Adorable four-year-olds nail Michelle and Barack Obama's Inauguration Day looks

The stylish youngsters managed to look every bit as chic as the Obamas as they struck some very presidential-looking poses.

Adorable four-year-olds nail Michelle and Barack Obama's Inauguration Day looks
Cover Image Source: (L) Getty Images/ Former US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on January 20 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo-Pool)/ (R) Instagram/ its_allry

A pair of four-year-old fashionistas earned a shout out from former First Lady Michelle Obama after they recreated her and former President Obama's Inauguration Day looks. Michelle, who left fashion enthusiasts drooling when she showed up in a plum ensemble for President Joe Biden's inauguration last month, re-posted the youngster's adorable interpretation of the looks on Instagram on Monday, telling them that they "nailed it!". According to Daily Mail, the extremely stylish youngsters in the photos are Ryleigh Madison Hampton and her friend Zayden Lowe from Florence, South Carolina, who managed to look every bit as chic as the Obamas as they struck some very presidential-looking poses.



Ryleigh's grandmother, Sheila, is said to be the one who came up with the idea for the photoshoot after watching the inauguration. "She literally gasped after seeing it and thought it would be a great idea for a photoshoot," Ryleigh's mom, Zoe Hampton, revealed. They apparently managed to put together the young girl's outfit — which included a pair of red pants with a bold gold belt, a reddish-pink shirt, and a matching coat — with just a bit of Amazon shopping. Meanwhile, Zayden wore a dapper blue coat, a black face mask, and an American flag pin to channel the former president.



Hampton explained that while she doesn't think the four-year-olds understand the significance of the Obamas' role, they do "see two people who look like them dressed nicely, and that's why representation matters so much for our children." Ryleigh and Zayden's photos quickly went viral on social media after they were posted on Ryleigh's Instagram account on Saturday and eventually reached the former first lady herself. This isn't the first time the young girl has channeled a powerful Black woman in American politics. Just weeks before, Ryleigh became a mini version of Vice President Kamala Harris in another photoshoot, donning a pint-sized version of the white suit she wore while giving her victory speech after winning the election back in November alongside President Biden.



Hampton admitted that they never imagined the images would earn this kind of response. "It has been overwhelming," she said. "We are responding to as many as we possibly can. Obviously, no one is ready for this type of attention." Michelle's Inauguration Day look won fans across the world the moment she arrived at the US Capitol in the rich plum outfit from Black American designer Sergio Hudson. The 57-year-old's stylist, Meredith Koop, later shared some insight into the look in an Instagram post where she praised the designer's craftsmanship. 



"This is not a jumpsuit. It is gorgeous separates from the exceptional Sergio Hudson. I've worked with hundreds of designers on custom looks both in the US and internationally, and I can say confidently that Sergio is at the top in his designs, construction, and understanding of how to dress the curves of a woman's body. This was my 3rd look with him and he absolutely blim blam killed it. I pulled references from his collections to start. With him, I don't have to explain too much. He gets it. All of the sketches he sent were gorgeous and it was hard to choose," she wrote.



"I knew from the jump I wanted pants for her. Pants, pants, pants. Ah, the liberation of pants! No skirts, no dresses. Practical beautiful pants. Dark colors. Jewel tones, blacks, grays. Nothing bright. Sleek, chic, and modern. You can call it berry, wine, plum, or burgundy. I'm calling it wineberry plum for the moment. What it wasn't was bi-partisan purple. That's a cute story, but it wasn't the intention. I love the different textures in the coat, pants, sweater, and belt of this monochromatic look. It was the perfect balance," Koop continued. "This particular outfit is about the woman wearing it more than anything. It is about her and what she means to you and to America. She is powerful and she needs to move. She is stunning and she represents what is possible. She is relatable and she is aspirational. She has consistently articulated over the years what has been in the hearts and minds of so many. She has taken a look at the rule book and turned the page. She leads, she inspires, she slays."

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