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Four sisters who are pregnant at the same time share the highs and lows of pregnancy: 'Mind-blowing'

'Just having that reassurance and kind of being supportive to each other —  it’s so nice,' said one of the sisters.

Four sisters who are pregnant at the same time share the highs and lows of pregnancy: 'Mind-blowing'
Cover Image Source: YouTube/ GMA

Four sisters are getting to share a special time in their lives. It is their pregnancy that has brought them closer. They said it was all "a complete shock" and an unexpected coincidence, which they are happy to share together, reports Good Morning America. One of the sisters, Jessica Hanna, said people would say they planned this. "But with two of us having fertility help, definitely not planned. It's just God works in mysterious ways," she said.


Hanna, 30, and her sisters Jordan Sutton, 27, Jena Primsky, 33, and Jaden Lortz, 25, will all be welcoming their children this year. They grew up in Highland Village, Texas, and have had a close relationship their whole life, reports Fox News. Sutton will be the first one to deliver her child as she is due in August. She and her husband, Dylan, are waiting to know the gender of their first child.


The eldest, Primsky, and the youngest, Lortz, surprisingly have the same due date, which is October 1. Primsky and her husband, Mike, are gearing up to welcome their second child, while Lortz is expecting her first kid with her partner, Jake. Hanna, on the other hand, is expecting her child in November. She and her husband Nolan will be having their daughter before Christmas. All the sisters and their families will meet in Nebraska during the holiday season. Sutton apparently stayed silent about everyone's big news, while Hanna was the last one to know about her sisters' pregnancies in April.


Sutton said, "It was kind of hard to know all the secrets for the longest. I guess I started something with getting pregnant first." Hanna spoke about how she shared the big news with her sisters. "It was around Easter. I had little cookies made that said 'Baby Hanna, coming November 2023' and I gave that to Jena and Jaden before we had dinner on Easter, and they were both kind of like in shock," she said. She added, "I didn't believe it. I didn't think Jaden was trying as soon, and same with Jenna, so it was just like mind-blowing."

Lortz thinks that being pregnant together has strengthened their bond. She explained, "When I was little, Jena and I were really close. We have quite an age gap, but she was always that big sister taking care of me when I was a baby. Jordan and I grew up going to school together, playing sports together. And then Jessica and I actually lived together when I was in college. So, in each stage of my life, I kind of have a separate bond with each of them. But this experience, with all four of us, is way different. I think it's brought us closer together in a different way."

The sisters have a group chat called "Bumpin." They apparently share their experiences, funny moments and more throughout their journey. Something that Lortz believes has helped deal with the distance a bit better.


Primsky lives in Denver, Colorado, while Hanna and Sutton live near each other in Omaha and Lortz is based in Dallas, Texas. "Just having that reassurance and kind of being supportive to each other — it's so nice," said Lortz. Sutton said their excitement has grown over time. She said, "It's just a very surreal feeling knowing that we're gonna have all these kids super close together. We grew up with a super big family with 35 cousins, so it's just kind of a dream come true with having our own kids now being able to grow up together this close. It's just crazy."


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