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Former student's wholesome surprise for teacher starts off the new school year on a humorous note

'I'm currently bobbing my head to 'Crazy Train' and thinking how much I loved those teens and how I miss that darned young man,' the teacher shared.

Former student's wholesome surprise for teacher starts off the new school year on a humorous note
Representative Image Source: (L) Pexels | Cottonbro studio (R) Reddit/Silver_Phoenix93

Being a teacher sounds like a very routine job that involves sharing knowledge. But it is so much more as they end up forging connections that transcend textbooks and classrooms. Educators often have to make a significant effort to understand each student's personality along with their aspirations and work accordingly. Even after students leave, they maintain contact with their favorite teachers, highlighting the strength of their bond. Reddit user u/Silver_Phoenix93 spoke about one such student in a post titled, "Ex-student sent me a playlist 'to start the year.'" The post has accumulated over 788 upvotes and 34 comments on the platform. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production

The teacher begins by saying that their student graduated two years ago and used to joke around a lot. They shared a bond over their "odd sense of humor and music tastes." The Reddit user revealed that the student recently shared a Spotify playlist that he made thinking of them. "Just a few minutes ago, he sent me a Spotify link with a message that basically said he made the list thinking of me and what I'd need to start the year with a positive vibe, also hopes this year goes smoothly for me," they wrote.

The teacher found the student's gesture to be very sweet. They started listening to the playlist that kicked off with the famed Guns N' Roses hit number, "Welcome to the Jungle." The song proved to be an accurate representation of just how crazy a teacher's life can be with every new academic year.

They continued to listen to the playlist and shared that they were listening to "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne while writing the post. The playlist had them reflecting on their old students and how much they missed the young man. In an update to the post, they managed to share the link for the playlist despite initially facing some technical difficulties. 

Other teachers chimed in with their own insights in the comments section. u/nardlz commented, "Oh, he sounds awesome! It always seems to be the students with the same music tastes that I vibe with the most." The teacher who received the playlist replied to the comment, saying, "He's amazing! So proud of him. I tend to build the best relationships with either the class clowns or the 'problem kids'... At least, that's what admin calls them, though I'm adamant they're not even close to what I'd call 'real problem students.'"

Image Source: Reddit/bluelion70
Image Source: Reddit/u/bluelion70

Unfortunately, the sad reality for most teachers is that they do not get the compensation they deserve. With the costs of living increasing, many struggle to make ends meet. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers are notoriously underpaid in the country, with a median annual salary of just $61,000. The Economic Policy Institute reports a growing shortage of teachers over the years, owing to poor salaries and stressful working conditions. New York, which happens to be the highest-paying state, manages an okay figure of $80,286, as reported by CNBC

Image Source: Reddit/Basic_Equipment2127
Image Source: Reddit/u/Basic_Equipment2127

These figures have far-reaching repercussions for the education system and it's high time that proper solutions were introduced. If the trend continues, more individuals will not opt for a career in teaching simply because it does not pay adequately. And whatever teachers are left will always look for better options elsewhere, creating a lack of stability within the system.

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