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12 former poor kids share things they never had that their friends didn't appreciate. It's a lesson in gratitude.

Writer Victoria Barrett asked former poor kids to share the things they are grateful to have in their homes now. The responses will show you the importance of gratitude.

12 former poor kids share things they never had that their friends didn't appreciate. It's a lesson in gratitude.
Source: Twitter

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on January 23, 2020. It has since been updated.

While growing up, we don't really understand that not every family is like ours. For instance, all my friends grew up in two-parent households, but I was raised by my single mother. I didn't complain; I loved her and appreciated all her sacrifices. All my peers, however, didn't really grasp what it meant to grow up with only one parent. It meant I was making a lot of my own school lunches, had to take care of household chores and even attend parent-teacher meetings by myself. Essentially, I grew up way faster than everyone else did. When all my friends cribbed about their strict, annoying, overly protective dads, I would wonder what it was like to have one in the first place. Would he teach me how to ride a bicycle? Or congratulate me when I get my driving license? Or help me with my school projects? I didn't know.

When I was much older, my mother got remarried. I finally had a dad. And I savored every moment I could with him. Whether it was debating politics, going on late-night runs for ice cream, or learning how to change the oil in our family car, I at long last had a glance at what my life would have been like if I had a father. I was immensely grateful. But not everyone recognizes that they should be grateful for the things they have in their lives. In order to highlight this, writer Victoria Barrett took to Twitter and asked, "Former poor kids: what are some things you have in your house that you never had as a kid, things your not-poor friends would never consider luxuries?" And the responses came flooding in. From things like (you guessed it), a loving mom or dad, to the most basic of necessities like a toilet, individuals explained what it was like to grow up without some things that their friends probably took for granted. If anything, this viral Twitter thread is a wonderful lesson in gratitude.
























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